Saturday, December 01, 2007

Of Tables and Books.

I'm going on my 2nd trip to Boradise for this year. Heehee. It's funny -- I've been to Boracay many times but I still get all excited before I go. Weird.

I'm going to the island with my officemates (Ryan, Amabs, Leah, & Myles) -- first-timers to Boracay! I will serve as their tour guide. *bow sabay hintay ng bayad*

So I just got my Purploony (my psp slim named after a PSXer admin at lavander kasi kulay ng psp ko), and ahlavet!!! I just added new games and bought all kinds of accessories for it: a silicon case, a travel bag, a polycarbonate case which can also serve as a stand. I stopped myself from buying the earphones because I just bought 2 in-ear earphones for my iPod which go great with the psp and the tv-out cables since I had no use for it really.

What I also wanted to get were speakers for purploony but the stores I visited still do not have slim-compatible speakers so I guess I'll just have to wait for those.

I need to have new shelves installed. My books are piled on the floor. I wrapped my books in plastic covers and it took me quite a while to accomplish these because of the number but now that I've done it, I realized that my existing shelves can't hold all of the books we have. Kawawa naman sila.

I should get a new study table. Well, er, not a study table but more of like a work station. The table I currently have has outgrown my needs and I think I should include the pc and laptop I have to fit the picture. *sigh* I browsed through online office furniture stores and found 2 samples which I liked.

These are the nicest I can find, and since baka ipagawa ko na lang siya, I can make my own modifications -- like extending the bookshelves on both sides and extending them to high heavens to accomodate some of the books. Kaya ko kayang gawin 'to? May power tools naman sa bahay and I can just ask the hardware store to cut the wood sa size na gusto ko.

Shet. Baka 10 million years before I finish. So, yeah, ipagawa na lang.

I knew you'd say that.