Thursday, March 19, 2009


Posting an announcement - a family friend needs blood type AB+, please read on and help if you can:

Thank you for responding to my post. Have you ever donated platelets?

My bro-in-law has myoloma (blood cancer), getting a stem cell transplant in Mkt Med now and the blood type he needs is rare. We need about 8 people. If you are AB+, am sure you know how rare it is.

Screening will be anytime starting now, transfusion to patient starts March 23 and your platelet will be needed after March 23, in Makati Medical.

Here is a list that the med. tech will ask you if you go for screening. As not to waste your time, pls see if you are qualified. Your vein in your inner elbow should be considered HUGE.

1. 18 - 60 yrs old
2. At least 110 lbs
3. No history of hepatitis
4. Not high blood
5. No teeth extraction for at least 1 year
6. No tatoo or earpiercing for at least 1 year
7. No major or minor surgery for at least 1 year
8. Have not gone to Palawan or Africa for at least 1 year
9. No history of malaria
10. No menstruation or upcoming menstruation
11. No antibiotics or any medication for at least 1 week
12. No maintenance drugs
13. No coughs, colds or any infection at least 3 weeks from recovery
14. Not pregnant
15. Have not donated blood for the past 2 months.
16. No possibilty of having aids
17. Not an illegal drug user

Procedure for donating Platelet Apheresis takes about 3 hours.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know. Take care!

Jeleen :) (09178319759)