Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Still solving riddles at...

Riddle of the Scale.

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and associated with justice. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a pleasant, charming, fair, perceptive, idealistic, refined, and diplomatic character, but one which is also prone to frivolity, flirtatiousness, indecision, deceitfulness, and insecurity.

To truly understand Libra, you must understand the riddle of the scales; one side heaped high with vivid, golden leaves, suggesting brisk, autumn weather- the other side holding sky blue bunches of shy violets, drenched in the fresh scent rain. When the scales dip, bright optimism turns into silent panic, weighed down with lonely depression. When they balance, they produce a perfect harmony between her rich, crackling intellect and her affectionate, sympathetic heart. - Mizian, Wikipedia

Yep, that's me alright. No freaking doubt.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I always wanted Apple to either release a red iPod or a red iBook/iMac.

Just as I was getting an 80GB iPod, this beauty comes along.

And it's in fiery vava-voom red.

How can I resist?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Good friend Chris is getting married in May next year and a few days ago we met after my shift so she can accompany me to for my fitting with Mr. Farales. She got me as one of her secondary sponsors, and another free formal wear for my collection. Haha.

Anyway we had lunch in Via Mare in Powerplant, where we met another gymnast friend, Nina. We all met in Club Gymnastica a good 14 years ago. We actually disliked each other. Chris' cousin became my first boyfriend and she hated me even more after that. Nina thought I was this bitch who was trying to impress the coach with my 'round-off backhandspring and then landing with a flair' attitude. Haha. Eventually we ironed out our differences and became friends. When Chris' cousin and I broke up a year and few months after she took me and pareng Jose Cuervo in, in her home with open arms and lots of lemon. Nina followed and wisely kept the knives and sharp tools away from me.

That was our bonding moment.

They know I'm not fond of unpleasant surprises.

It came out of nowhere: Could you sing during my bridal walk...

I thought Chris was asking Nina, but when I looked up from my salad she was looking at me; and Nina, with this anong-isasagot-mo look.

Hell no.

It's an easy piece, she says, Panunumpa... acapella.

Easy? Panunumpa? Is she kidding?

Hell NO.

I have sung Panunumpa in another friend's wedding and it is a freaking difficult piece. It's a beautiful and moving song when done in acapella. I've heard Carol Banawa do it and it was awesome. Hindi ko kaya yun. =(

10 years of smoking at least 4 sticks a day has deteriorated my once-okay singing voice. I can still hit the high notes but the strain is too hard for me to sustain. Hindi ko na kaya.

Not many people know this but back in grade/high school I used to join singing contests or sing intermission numbers. Haha. I know. Ayos noh? Hehe. Chris and I both studied in Maestro Ryan Cayabyab's music school in Mile Long in Makati for 2 summers. Actually I persuaded her to join me. Sabi nga niya, kung pwede lang siya na rin ang kakanta, but as it is... she wanted me to sing.

Oh God. She trusts me that much. And I so love her.

Will bargain for another song.

Any suggestions?