Monday, August 28, 2006

Better than yesterday.

Alas, internet connection!

Using my old yet trusty laptop again. Five years old and counting. Seems like I'd be using this beauty for a longer time. My monitor is still busted but, now that I have dsl in my laptop, having it fixed or buying a new LCD monitor is not really a priority.
Dang. I forgot to upload my comments regardign that rabbi and breasts thingie. Will do that tomorrow or before the week ends.


My head hurts. Hangover sucks. Grr.

Watched the championship game last night between Teletech and eTel at the Metro Gym. Sadly, we lost. But it was a good game, kulang lang talaga. After the game I did some errands. While having some jewelry fixed at Shang some guys from the basketball team texted me they were in Pier 1 in the Fort area 'celebrating.' When I arrived at Pier 1 the closed area was full of eTel people, upper management and operations people. Mejo overwhelmed ako. Haha. Ang daming tao kaya ang saya! The beer was overflowing and so was the food. Went home at around 1am and the place was still packed.

Now, a hangover. Peste. Hehe.


A good friend of mine will be leaving soon for Australia on September 16. His girfriend, also our good friend, is already in Aus and I know how much he's missed her. And I'm certainly happy they'll be together again after 6 months of being separated from each other.

He hasn't left yet but I miss him already. He's given me a lot of great advices and a lot of pep talks. Though he's two years younger, his views and way of thinking go beyond minds of men his age. He's been a dependable companion for some time now and I'm having a hard time accepting the fact he'll be leaving soon.

Aaawwww. Pak.

What I need to do now is save some more so I can attend their wedding in Australia.

Dino!!! I know you'll be able to read this. Sobrang miss na kita, bro. :'(


I need to beach myself soon. A lot of changes, all at the same time. It's quite confusing. Hmm. Well, kailan ba umayos ang buhay ko?!

Couldn't stop myself from viewing the Panglao pictures. I can't wait to go back and just relax. My trip to Panglao was truly a hassle-free experience: no fuss, no hang-ups, no pressure, no stress. Just what a vacation should be.


Handling 'depression' well. Might be out of it, really. With 3 pamangkins in tow every Saturday and having them in my room for play/video/nap time everyday, there isn't any time to be depressed! Too busy hugging, cajoling, reading, cursing under my breath, getting milk, pinching cheeks/butts, changing videos, cursing under my breath, kissing, hugging again, reprimanding... oh, you get the picture.

I've been contemplating of getting a place of my own, but the thought of being away from those kids just breaks my heart. So for now, I'm staying.

Oh my pamangkins, my saviors.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of Rabbis and Breasts.

Fascinated with this argument.

Just to give you a heads up - it's about breast-feeding.

'controversial' article which started all this brouhaha.

This is
a father's rebuttal to the said article.

This is a
blog-for-mothers point of view.

My sentiments I will post tomorrow. Too upset and too much stress.

And monitor still not working. Bwiset.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stress Reliever.

I'm sharing this, er, for lack of a better term, piece of 'office controversy.' Hehe.

And FYI, we did this during our lunch break. Heck, stress. Yep, the things you do to un-stress.


16th Floor QA Room Rally Report
by Greeny Messenger

There were compaints filed against Vince, a Quality Assurance Officer (QA). There were 4 complainants, who also happen to stay in the 16th floor, who had different accusations against the said QA. They said the defendant inflicted physical injury to them and is continuously doing so. The complainants feared the hurting may lead to something even worse so they took action and filed a complaint. As of now, there is no investigation being conducted by HR and the complainants held a demonstration at the QA room at the 16th floor.

Below are photos taken of the complainants:

Here's a complainant who fears he might be the next victim.

Here's a complainant who claims he was tortured.

Here's another who fears he'd be next.

And lastly, one who claims he was abducted.

Despite of all the accusations, there's one individual who shows his support for the defendant.

The said supporter was said to have received bribe although there were no confirmation that it was true.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update. Not.

My monitor at home is busted so I haven't been able to go online for a week now. I've asked to have my dsl installed on my laptop since I had to reinstall its original OS when XP slowed it down too much.

Oh well. Hassle.

I'm now only online when in the office.