Saturday, December 31, 2005

Twisted Sunshine. Part III.

I just had to give in only to be left disappointed. Again.


Somebody... anybody, please, hit me hard.


Tsong, nagkamali ka ng panahon para bitinin ako.

Tangina talaga.

Ayaw mo pa kasi ako diretsuhin eh. Napahiya pa ako.


I'm so pissed with you that I wish you never get laid this 2006. No, I take that back. I hope you do get laid but you never get an abso-fucking-lutely good one.
I suggest you handle your ego with care and then shove it up your farking arse.


I still love you but I sooo hate you right now, you SOB.

Yeah, I said I won't write about you in my blog.

I lied.

And I'm sure, I am so damn sure, na you have no friggin' idea that I'm talking about you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Once a month, I turn into this 2-eyed bitchy-as-hell monster who tries to bite everyone's head off for turning the tv volume too loud, or for waking me up too early,

It's the time of month when I wish I was born a man.

Do not mess with me for the next 3 days.

I'm irritable.

I am fury herself.

So keep your mouth shut and your nasty opinions to yourself.

What I need are hugs. Lots of it.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I was tagged by patty. Haha. Pathetic that I have been so remiss in going through my usual blog-rounds. I've been making myself real busy I've forgotten to visit my usual reads.


10 years ago

I was in my sophomore year in DLSU-CSB. Having the time of my life.

Completed the mandatory 'Community Service Program' with Gen, RJ, Tess, and Chee at 'Kuya Drop-In' Center. Rewarding experience.

5 years ago

Around this date, 5 years ago, I received a call from the DLSU-Graduate School of Business office informing that I have until February 2001 to enroll for my MBA. If I don't enroll, then I'd have to take the exam again if I wish to pursue my MBA. Issues from my gov't work got in the way. Sad.

A year ago

Just broke up with someone THEN met someone who would eventually break my heart.


I promised Kizzy I would fill her Starbucks card for her (for the Starbucks planner). I'm done with mine, and I've helped Leslie get hers, so I offered to help Kizzy out. By the end of the year the whole SBU QA Team will have each a Starbucks planner. Haha.

Went to Rustan's to buy godson Basti a gift. Planning to get the stroller but since I had no car yesterday, it wasn't meant to be. Hehe. Will pick up stroller in Shang Rustan's instead this Saturday when I bring my nephews to Kumon.


Was supposed to be on-leave to go surfing with sis Mayette in La Union, but I have Training tomorrow, as luck would have it, and I need that training. Argh.

Going to the 14th floor Bazaar to buy gift stuffs and my lotion and fragrance instead of buying it in Greenhills.

Will order the chocolate giveaways from Cha Ems.


I'm sick. I'm tired.

Did my reports. How I love Excel *gigil*

Not tagging anyone. But you can try to reminisce....


Monday, December 05, 2005


Yes, my dramatic-life-mode has been on again for quite some time. *sigh* Throwing myself at work with a passion people have difficulty understanding.

Steady lang.

I've bought my new phone, the Samsung e530. I was craving for the green one to match my iPod but I only had a choice of blue, pink, and orange. Girl as I am, I got the pink. Hah! Also, I've been promoted from QAA3 to QA01 [which gives me the opportunity to handle my own team in the next couple of months]. 6 months worth of hard dirty work. Alvin told me the stress was showing in my shoulders. And in the way I hold my stare. Oh dear, it's that obvious, huh? And I thought I was handling things just fine.


Saturday afternoon was spent catching up on much-needed sleep. Got home from a post-shift meeting around 1pm, slept at 5pm and consequently woke up at 7am Sunday. I loved it! Hehe. I only got up once, around 4am, when Mayette called to say Say has been evicted from the PBB house and that they were on their way to Rembrandt Hotel to see her.

Happy and excited that I was for Say, I had to decline. I called Say just to catch up on things and to make her promise to go out with us soon. She sounded dazed somewhat, most probably with everything. Also got a text from Bianca asking where I was and that they were already in Jaipur.

Crap, crap.

Anyway, I woke up feeling energized. Cleaned my room, ran my errands. By 4pm I was bored. It was my barkada's Sunday night movie date but Alvin texted me the plan was just to chill in Bryan's house and watch some of his newly-bought dvds, and I should just come over anytime.

Went to mass first then went to Kamagong after. I brought some junk food with me so we had things to munch on during the 'dibidi' marathon. Hehe. Had some pizza delivered. Watched 40-Year Old Virgin, Deuce Bigalow 2, The Island.

As always, had an awesome time laughing my ass off with their hirits.

Went home at around 5am, smiling.

Thank God for friends who know the truth.

As the weekend passed, I made a bargain with myself and it has now come to this:
I miss you so much but I don't think you miss me too.
I want to be with you. What hurts is the thought [that] you don't want to be with me.
I hate it when you ignore me and act as if I don't exist.
I'm invisible to you.
I think I'm finally realizing how much I really do like you *gulp* and I think it's too late for me to do anything about it.
I believe this is the best time to say good-bye to you, my twisted sunshine.
You will be always be someone special to me and I hope you find that perfect woman you're looking for.
I hope she'll love you as much as I'm doing now.
And if you do find her, I only wish you'll love her in return.