Sunday, May 04, 2008

What's your favorite time of day?

Woke up at 5am today. After watching an episode of House on AXN. I decided to go down to the kitchen and hitch myself up with breakfast since the helpers weren't due in the house until 8am. My usual breakfast partner, my older sister Rhea, was at the beach with her officemates and wouldn't be home by evening. I always remember my sister when it's time for breakfast since it is her favorite meal of the day.

I took a quick peek at the family room where my mom and pamangkins were sleeping, grabbed the honey from the upstairs fridge and down the stairs I went.

I tuned in to 96.3 for some old tunes and proceeded to clean the coffeemaker. When I was satisfied with the result, I put in some coffee in the maker by the dining table and dashed to the kitchen to cook up my favorite JJ food - Ma-Ling! [To the unfamiliar JJ stands for Jolly Jeep which to the Makati worker na nagtitipid is fine dining ;)] I fried an egg, and whipped up some honey mustard sauce for my Ma-Ling. I then chopped up some garlic, mashed the night-before rice and fried them. Didn't put in too much salt since the meat was salty enough. I fixed the table and sat down for a hearty breakfast.
As I was reading the paper, I realized how quiet the house was at this time. It was nearly 7:00 am but the road was clear, the sun just making its presence felt, weather was still a a little cold. Many people think I'm this party animal always looking for a great night out and I sort of believed I was just that. However when I was at our dining table this morning, gazing at the glass doors out to the veranda - I realized I love mornings.
I just wanted to share the realization with everyone - I love mornings!