Monday, February 23, 2009

Movies in 2009.

I got excited watching the X-Men Origins movie trailer. It was great. I had to watch the Watchmen trailer all over - this was awesome. I also grew up watching Star trek so I'm pretty hyped up about the Star Trek movie! Harry Potter is also up this year. Astroboy, too. And of course, Transformers 2.

My neffie, Raymund, is really itching to see Dragonball Evolution.

Ang dami!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've been wearing my glasses for 2 days now. I had to stop wearing contacts because my eyes were tearing up. *sigh*

I lool like a geek. =)

I'm having issues wearing them since I want to puke every five minutes. Ugh. My headache is killing me. I have to stop working every 10 minutes and remove my glasses, close my eyes for a while. I wanted to cry sometimes.

Oh well. I didn't wear my glasses while I was walking to the bus stop in Ayala and, not being able to see clearly, it had me thinking that I should notice people more: their features, movements, mannerisms.

Earlier I found myself looking at my team mates, maybe staring at them even! I was noticing A's dimples, W's nervous blinking, J's shiny bald head, P's nice complexion, AA's darker skin, K's highlights. These were nothing new to me but I felt compelled to commit them to memory. I also noticed myself: how my pinky would twitch when I tie my hair at the top of my head or when I write in my planner how my pen would write the l's and t's.

I don't know what's going on. Haha! But I'm just grateful I'm not blind yet.



Missing my sister who is on a Singapore-Malaysia trip. She texted me earlier that the Dave laptop table we wanted to get was out-of-stock in the IKEA store in both KL and SN. The IKEA reseller we found here in Manila sells the laptop table for Php3000, more than double the price if we get it from KL. *sad face* Will just sit on the idea of buying for a maybe a month - if I still want it then I'll get it.