Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve. Am in the office.

I'm in the office. I didn't get any sleep at all today. It's 230 pm and it's Christmas eve. And did I mention I'm in the office today?

Oh yeah. Anyway, let's backtrack a bit... Got off from work at around 1:30am, the earliest time we've logged out in 4 weeks. Raffy Bogus was going to dj again in Government that night, so he texted me to join him. Alvin, Shaba, Stephen and Miel were already there. So after work, I went straight to Makati Ave. We, well, they had 2 pitchers of the Long Island Iced Tea, which in my opinion just tasted Long Island, no Iced Tea. Ang tapang, sobra. Anyway, while the queers were having fun groping each other, we were just dancing and drinking.

Shaba got wasted. the first time I saw Shaba really drunk. By 330am, we took Shaba to Raffy's car. He was so wasted we had to let him rest for like an hour and a half, half-sprawled on the pavement. Ahahaha! Laugh trip but he was okay naman. By 5am we were on the road to my house.

Since I had work today at 1pm, I was resolved to sleep once I get home. So I fixed myself then went straight to bed, laid down and closed my eyes, relaxed. But, hell, I couldn't sleep. Argh. I toss and turned, and when I looked at my phone it was already 7am. Ack! Pagod na pagod ako, but still no sleep. I mean, I was thinking and pondering on some things, but kaya ko namang itulog yun. Hmmm. Then I remembered, I had coffee before I logged out of the office. P*7@! hayup talaga. I think I fell asleep right after that realization. Hehehhee. Woke up at around 11am, then by 1230pm I arrived here in the office.

Whew. Happy Christmas!

Uhhmmm.... did I mention I am in the office today?

Monday, December 20, 2004


Just got home. Watched National Treasure in G4 with Marco C., Alvin and Bryan. Good thing Bryan texted me, I really wanted to go out and not stay at home. Thank God for friends like them :D After the movie, we ate at Hen Lin sa Select going to the Fort. Kwentuhan about what has been happening the past week, then they took me home.

It was a good movie. Mahilig kasi ako sa mga ganung type ng movie, about facts, history, get the picture. That's why I can't wait for 'The Da Vinci Code' to be shown. Tom Hanks will play Robert Langdon.

Tom Hanks...hhhmmmm. I was thinking of Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes for the role of Robert Langdon. I just couldn't imagine Tom Hanks. But, hey, Hanks is a good actor, one of the finest, imho. I'm sure he can pull this one off. I don't know how he's gonna do it, but sabi nga ng sister ko, naging Forrest Gump nga siya eh, Robert Langdon pa. Hehehehe.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A different kind of Christmas Party.

Last Sunday, we had our company Xmas party in PICC. Was fun. And the food, amazingly, was great. My crush was not at the party, or I just didn't look hard enough siguro. When we were able to talk last Friday, I wasn't able to ask him if he was there. Oh well.

Last Friday naman, we, SBU QAs, had our department Xmas party in an orphanage in Pasig, Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. 4pm. Sobrang saya and the kids were really sweet. We played games with them and then they presented 2 dance numbers. Galeng. We had such a great time that we forgot that we had to go back to the office to work. When the time came that we had to go, the kids were asking if we could sleep there or just stay a little longer. Aw, man. But we had to leave or risk having backlog. They understood that we had to go, and we said that someday we'll be back. We didn't want to promise them anything kasi baka hindi mangyari. But hopefully the SBU QAs would really go back and spend time with the kids again.

Boom, Grace and I were really taken with RJ. He was 7 or 8 years old and he was really cool. Tinuruan nya kami ng handshake niya kasi mga 'besprends' daw kami apat. Then when he would hear us swear or cuss, he would say, 'Bad yun!' and then would make us promise not to say it again. Grabe, sobrang nakakatuwa. I cannot recall all of the kids' names, but Honey, Marlon, Peter were the ones na talagang nag-stick sa sa akin. I can still remember paglabas namin ng sasakyan nag-mano agad sila saming lahat. Melo, Krissy, Kerry, Janey, and I were the first ones to arrive. And what a welcome.

It was a really memorable Christmas party, not just for the kids in the orphanage but for us grown-ups as well.

Friday, December 17, 2004

MSN Spaces Beta

Wala lang. Try it out and get your Space. Naks, promote talaga ito. Ahahaha! It has a photo show and you can load up to 10MB of pictures. And what it does is that gives you a slideshow of your pics :D Nice!

I love MSN. Well, some of its products. I worked as a TSR before for another call center, Sykes. I was part of the MSNIA-TS Voice account. Was part of the MSN 9 Beta and MSN Direct teams. Sobrang saya nun.

I'm still an MSN groupie. Even my internet software is MSN 9! :lol: I can still pretty much fix sasser viruses and blaster worm infections, thank you very much! My favorite issue then was 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' issues or the infamous 'secured sites' issue.

I still remember getting bobthebestthebest. Ahahha! MSN Direct people, you know what I'm talking about! Or getting really irate beta MSN Direct customers because they haven't received their updates on their Fossil or Abacus or Suunto watches. Getting confused if you should reset or restore or just resend!

I miss calling the L2s and then letting them handle the issue at hand (no pun intended!) I remember Kat or another L2 saying to me that when they see an MSN Direct team member calling the L2 split, they instantly panic or kakabahan sila kasi baka escalation. Or kaya pagsagot nila, tatanungin nila agad kung L1 or Direct yung issue. Hehehehe.

Best of all, I remember the picture-takings, the excel files we finished dahil no-browsing-non-work-related-sites-because-we-have-visitors-on-the-floor night yun, the food trips, the raaaaaaakrakan, breakfast buffets (pan de manila rocks), PBJ and corned beef sandwiches, sex and freaky talks with Dr. Boko, Neopets training, fastest-finger-to-log-out races pagpatak ng 9am, group IMs in MSN Messenger kahit 100 calls ang queue, ang mahiwagang mapa ng Inay, ang kadramahan sa mga ping...

Putcha ang dami. Being part of the Beta team was a real boost for my ego because that meant I was a good performer in the account and I got to work with some of the coolest, techy-est, smartest people in MSNIA-TS voice. Kahit night shift, kahit 12mn to 9am, okay lang basta sama-sama sa 26th floor.

Miss ko na rin yung picture ni Timber wearing the butterfly costume. Bwahahahaha!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Of Red rooms and OTs

My usual get up in the office. Hahaha! It's too damn cold in that building. When we were barging in and monitoring on agents' calls last November, I was stationed in one of the coaching rooms, and it was freezing cold. I had 2 jackets with me, one I used to cover my legs and the other one I wore with the hood on. Hay naku.

Also, I fixed my OT form earlier and I found out that I had rendered 20+ hours OT for just 9 days. Yikes! And I just got home a few minutes kanina because I spent 2 hours OT finishing my tasks. Excited nako sa sweldo! :lol:

Wala lang. Kunyari happy ako. Ang weird talaga. Actually, bad trip talaga ako because I found out something na sobrang hindi ko ini-expect. Maybe I wasn't supposed to find out. The power of the internet talaga. Dapat hindi na lang ako nag-research. Dapat hinayaan ko na lang yung status quo. Now, I feel miserable. Pareho pala kami. Leche. Ano ba, Rose, wake up. Itigil mo na ang kahibangan na ito habang maaga pa. Iuntog mo na yung sarili mo. Habang hindi ka pa nababaon. Hanggang hindi ka pa nasasaktan. Tanginaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Sabi nga ni Melo, matanda ka na, kaya mo nang desisyunan yan.

I wish life was that easy. Punyeta.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Beach me.

I need the beach. Now. More than ever.

I just want to lie on my sarong and cry my heart out. I just need to hear the waves crashing on the beach and watch it ebb everything else. I want to bury my feet in the sand and feel the heat of the sun on my back. I want to swim, I need to dip. I need the sun to tell me that no matter what happens, no matter what I feel, another day will begin for me, with new hope and vigor.

I need to smell the sea breeze. I just want to lie in a hammock and dream my worries and pains away. I just need to forget everything. I want the sea to take my inhibitions away so I can live again.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Wish List and Whatever

Might as well join the bandwagon and post here my Christmas wish list. But, really, just have nothing to do this 10 something am.

1. iNMotion speakers by Altec Lansing for my iPod mini. Ever since I bought my sweet mini, I've been buying accessories for it like it was child wanting toys...ay, ako pala yun. Hahaha. Bought a leather case, new earphones, iSkins in different colors...grrrr. Ang saya! The speakers will really top it off! Really good for those chilling-out nights in the beach.

2. LOTR: RoTK DVD Extended Edition. Can't wait for this one, had one pre-ordered in this small video shop in Park Square. It will be available by December 14 (daw...ack...sana naman). My sister-in-law's Christmas gift last year were premiere tickets to RoTK. Sana ngayon yung EE DVD naman! Mwehehehe. Once I get it, I'm going to put out the projector and speakers, buy some really good chichiria and drinks (both the wholesome and bad-spirited kinds), turn down the blinds, and have some friends over for a marathon LOTR EE DVD movie-watching experience! I have estimated the time it will take up...Three 3-hour and something movies...nearly 10 hours of Legolas, Faramir, and Eomer. Oh yeah.

3. To finish building resthouse in Tanay for my Mom. All we have now is a small hut and several hammocks hanging under the mango trees. My mom bought the land because it was Dad's wish that we have like a resthouse somewhere near. Tanay is like Baguio. Fresh air, cool breeze throughout the day, cold nights, great sunrises and sunsets. Basta, for my Mom. For her happiness and good life.

4. New books to read. I love going to BookSale. I was really disappointed that someone never gave back my Woman of Substance (Barbara Taylor Bradfor). But really ecstatic that I found a battered but good copy in BookSale in SM Bicutan for just Php50! Aaaaack. (I know, some of you may be asking kung anong ginagawa ko sa malayong lugar na yun...Hahahaha...quiet friends...ssshhhh...). I've missed out on new John Grisham books, and I would really like to buy them but the prices are so ridiculous nowadays. I'm also looking for books on Mythology. My Edith Hamilton Mythology book is by far the best book I've read about mythology. Want more, more, more. :)

5. New additions to my Sylvannian Families collection. I'd love to have the Pizza Store and Restaurant. (Must go to to Japan...) I'm a kid at heart. Never outgrew my love for toys :)

6. For my sister ate to be really, truly happy.
7. For my kuya dear to fully attain his dream.
8. For my nephews, soon-to-be 7-year old Dominic and 3-year old Raymund to grow up as the good men they should be.
9. For my niece Regeena to be a better dancer than I am. Bwehehehe. But true.
10. For my friends, acquaintances, and so on; more years of get-togethers and inumans, chilling-out days and nights, beach trips, out-of-towns, out-of-country escapades, small talks, deep thoughts, and revelations. Whew.

11. A 2-week long beach trip to Bali, Indonesia. Damn. Or a 2-month long backpack trip through Europe.

12. Get my Masteral Degree. Grrrr.


Of course, my wishes for my family will take precedence over everything else. Wish I felt Christmas-y.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Overtime lang ng overtime. Hala, sige.

Insane The stress. It's finally getting to me. Imagine spending 16 freaking hours in the office: Monday, I had to go on pre-shift OT because we had to have a team meeting to discuss tasks for sorting... then we had 6 hours of OT to finish sorting the sales for Friday and Saturday. Pu7@%*&n@!!!

But, y'know, it was okay. I can handle that.

Then came Tuesday, no pre-shift OT but again post-shift OT for 4 hours. Then we found out that for our 7-hour OT for Monday, only 4 hours will be credited to us. Can I just cry?! Can I just curl up and just CRY?! If this goes on for the rest of December... geesh, I don't want to think about it. Handcuffed To The Desk

And I thought my Sunday was a really, really good way to start the week. Damn, that was good. Oh, crap. Don't want to think about this too much. I always end up getting hurt. Blah, blah, blah.

Tama na nga. In a few hours, back to work. Again.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

What to do.

Funny talaga. I was somehow prepared that I would be going to work tonight even if there is a typhoon. So is the work ethic of a call center employee. Hahahaha! When I transferred to this new job of mine, I brought with me all knowledge, know-how, and ethics that I have learned from my previous job. And I was ready. I've been to work on Christmas eve, on Christmas day, on New Year's eve, on New Year itself, Holy Week, etc. Have been so accustomed to 'no Holidays' that when I received TL Kit's text that we don't have to report for work, I found myself thinking of what to do.

Melo, an officemate of mine, texted me, 'Rosy, sarap mgsnuggy-woogy wd honey ngyn, malamig. hehe.' Hayup talaga yun. Ininggit pa ako.

Hay naku.