Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random Thoughts.

Just random thoughts for now...

***Am on leave! Sa wakas. A long weekend ahead for me. If my beach trip to Puerto Galera will not push through... hmm... will change my template ...again. Hehe.

***Oh, yeah, will have to finish burning those Harry Potter audiobooks and mp3s to CDs which I owe Aiah, Krissy, Louie, and Nenny.
***Argh. Am tempted to change my layout all over again...

Ano ba?!

***Beach House 04.05 has been out for a week or two now and I'm still waiting for my order. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the tracks in it. A handful of old familiar tracks are in it but with a new mix.

Excited nako.

Leche. Ang tagal ah.

***Will be meeting my good friend, Chris, tomorrow for lunch. She'll be getting married in June 2006 and so we'll be going to Mang Ben Farales' shop in Manila tomorrow for the finalization of the gown designs and measurements. I have 2 Farales gowns already, and am now making room in my closet for my third one. Hehe.

Ayan, may panahon pa para gutumin ko ang sarili ko :lol: Struggle ito.

***I've completed the stickers needed for me to claim my Starbucks backpack... yung merchandise na lang which my sister will be purchasing tomorrow.

Thanks to Louie, Kitty, Kerry, and my dearest ate Rhea for contributing to the 'sticker collection.' Gudjab!

***Had another encounter with my cute tall geeky officemate *himatay* but will keep that to myself muna.

Whathelz? Hmm. Will update soon with something that has sense. Swear.


***Twisted sunshine, still freaking twisted.

'Nyeta. *points to self* T-a-n-g-a.


... beachfreak said...

For some weird reason, I'm unable to delete the previous post. Friends, do not click on anything suspicious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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cupcake said...

i'm a sucker for tall, geeky officemates. too bad mine turned out to be married :(

... beachfreak said...

@cupcake: That is too bad. Grr. My cute tall geeky officemate has a girlfriend but, you know, at least I have a reason to go to the office other than work... hehe.

thess said...

Hi Rose, passing by to wish you a good weekend!
oh no, cute tall geeky guy has a gf? but I like your positive attitude about it, ha're cool! ;)

... beachfreak said...

@thess: Hi Thess! I'm carrying around this positive aura so I could go through a day without issues and aches. Much better than grumbling around the house...hehehe.

Quentin said...

* psst, girlfriend lang naman e. kung nga asawa naaagaw pa, gf pa kaya *


kakeru said...

hmm.. and what encounter is that huh?! =p SHARE!!!!! haha

daesdemona said...

hello! tempted again to change the layout.. everytime i visit iba-iba ata ang layout... but it really reflects your dynamic personality!

... beachfreak said...

@quentino: Loko ka talaga! Hmm...

@kerry: Haha! The 'mukhang mabango ka naman eh!' thingie... remember? :*) Hehe.

@daesdemona: Hehe. Thanks! Just changed the fonts and the other colors, but everything's essentially the same. =)

eventuallypretty said...

^ baliw talaga yang si quentin. Wahaha...

hmm... ano kaya yung encounter na yun? kaya lang sad may GF :(

hay naku me bago nanaman akong kwento. may nakilala nanaman ako. and guess what. may sabit nanaman = GF. what else is new? *roll eyes*

dapat pa ba akong magulat? :)

... beachfreak said...

@prettypatty: Aha, a new PEx man, I suppose? Hehe. I'm steering clear of PEx men. Too damn hard to decipher. Haha.

Find out who the girlfriend is, then make your mark. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Your site is very good!


eventuallypretty said...

nope he's not. malas malas malas. hahaha...

oh and another update. kungdi naman may sabit younger. as in 23 years old? waaahhh...

Quentin said...

hehe. pex men. they are teh horror, one of teh seven biblical plagues, teh scum teh earth.

wala lang.

... beachfreak said...

@pattydear: Age ain't nuthin' but a number... ;)

@quentino: They're more like viruses...they come out of nowhere... hehe.

red_door8 said...

di nga???
napuno mo iyon???
tinitignan ko palang ung starbucks na un eh parang kelangan ko yata ng milagro hahaha
siguro kung student pa ako nun eh magagawa ko yan hahaha

... beachfreak said...

red_door8: Yep, yep, yep! Haha! My July and August were spent being awak all the time.


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