Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beach me in Panglao.

The plane ride from Manila to Tagbilaran took 45 minutes. For us, it was more like 10 minutes. Haha. Puro asaran ang naganap sa eroplano. If only the stewardess knew we were talking about them.

During the low tide, Bryan and Philip searched for some sea urchins, while Kayla, Ces and I went off and searched for more starfish, crabs, and eels. It was inevitable that we join the search for sea urchins so we grabbed a lot. Suffice to say, our search was not in vain. All viands were gone after dinnertime. Haha.

The moonrise. It was breathtaking. You know that time na parang hapon na magga-gabi na? It was dark but bright as well... alam mo yun? Ganun yung hitsura. It's hard to explain and I know I'm blustering for the correct words but it was simply beautiful.

We played around with the digicam settings so we could get some pretty cool pics. Laugh trip.

We tried to wake up at 530am each day to catch the sunrise in spite of the hang-over.

And I'm sure glad we did.

***All pictures were taken by me, well, except for the one where Philip was kissing the fish - taken by Ces, and the last one, taken by Bry or Dino.


siyerwin said...

yikes, you beached the starfishes as well? :) hehehe. they didn't complain? :)

panglao is one heck of a beaching place! :)

hopped into your blog from ja's.


... beachfreak said...

siyerwin: hehe. yep, we definitely beached them alright. hehe. they were a sight to behold, really.

Binalik naman namin sila eh. nag-photo-op muna. =)

thanks for dropping by.

j0n said...

HOLY BEACH!!! nice, nice, place! and Rose, nice pix you had there! btw, i'm on leave 2nd week of May and i'm looking for a place to go to with my new girl (and her brother) so definitely i'm considering Bohol as one place to choose from.

hope you are a-ok everyday! :)

Anne said...

ganda! ganda! wow!

Quentin said...

looks like bohol is in my sched trips this year XD

... beachfreak said...

@jon: Definitely Panglao is a must. We were getting ready to leave my friend's beach house to go to the airport for the trip home, I was seriously contemplating on extending my stay... *sigh*

@anne: Hehe! Yeah! Astig diba?

@quentino: Definitely. ;)

viva la pigarotti! said...

na-try ba niyo mag dolphin watching and snorkeling? hehehe, panglao kicks ass!

... beachfreak said...

we were supposed to go snorkelling but the waves were killers. Dolphin-watching? No. But definitely, we'll back next year and since were done with the tour and stuff, that will be on top of our list.

k said...

it's been ages since i've been to bohol, and you made me miss it bad!

but i'm glad you have fun. i love the starfish!

... beachfreak said...

@keith: Haha! Go na! I love the starfishes. haha! I even found a blue one but didn't get a picture since I didn't ahve my camera when we were looking for urchins later that day...