Saturday, January 12, 2008

Start 2008 With A Bang.

Do you know how it feels to be gossiped about?
Do you know how it feels to be mocked?

Well I do. And it makes me regret that I was honest and bold enough to do what I did. But I also know that I can not control what another person feels or what he will do with the knowledge handed to him. You just hope he is responsible enough, sensitive enough to know what a man should do in cases like, er, this... mine... whatever.

I know I shouldn't feel this way. I feel tricked.

I'm being vague. Let's just say I came out into the open. The acknowledgment was there. I just have this feeling he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Gustong-gusto ko pa naman siya.

What a way to start my 2008.

Thank you, Nickelback, for making me laugh.


aajao said...

lalaki ang nanchi-chismis sa yo? ngye.

Rose, happy 2008... don't worry. hindi lang Enero ang buong taon. i'm sure everything's going to be fine as the year progresses. di pa tyo nagkikita malapit na kong matali. hehe..

... beachfreak said...

Yep, lalake siya. Ata. Hihi.

Thank you, kuya ;) Oo nga! You still owe me coffee and kwento! You still work in Libis?

Cyberpunk said...

I'm not sure but I think I know what you're referring to. I did that once, but with a guy that I was sure could handle the knowledge :D

oh btw, I tagged you. See my blog for the meme.

... beachfreak said...

Hey punkista! yeah, saw it =) thanks!

morena said...

tama ba naiisip ko?

... beachfreak said...

Depens on what you're thinking of. Hehe.