Monday, November 05, 2012

Starting Project Life.

I am resolved to do Project Life.

I have always wanted to create scrapbooks, and I've purchased a lot of stuff, papers, thingamajigs. And now I've found a way, I think, to do it simply: Project Life.

I love Project Life's catchline: Cultivate a good life and record it.

I feel that it somehow sums up how we want to live, and how we want to be remembered.

I spent many nights, well, maybe 3 nights, dreaming of the binders, note cards, photo pockets... Hahahha! It was a sign that I should just purchase the photo pockets and start documenting my days, my weeks, my months... my life. And not just my life, but my family's life, the people who mean a lot to me, people who make me happy, things that make me happy, events that put a smail to my face, or a scene that will linger in my mind long after it has passed.

I'm sprucing up my PayPal so I can purchase the photo pockets tomorrow from Scraplicious which is a store in Singapore.

I opted to just buy several packs of the Photo Pockets because I can make journaling cards, and I can probably find a good binder to keep everything. I don't have enough moolah to purchase the Core Kit or Bundle Kit so I need to make do with the things I already have and maybe create stuff for the scrapbook.

I will document the process of starting Project Life (in my terms, of course, since I'm only utilizing the photo pockets).

If I can squeeze it, and most probably I'd do it simultaneously, I'd like to do Project 365 too.

Let's see how this will turn out.

I will post pictures too, and maybe screenshots of the progress when I have everything ready.

Getting ready for Project Life!


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