Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lost Opportunity.

I saw 2 kids in front of our house, as we arrived from San Juan. They had no slippers on, their clothes were not that dirty but you could see that it has some wear on it. The older kid was I think around 9 years old and thereabouts, and his younger sibling was around 3 or 4 years old. My plan was to give them some pastries and a water but when the gate opened for the car, they walked away. And I was somewhat confused if I should flag them down and call them back, which in hindsight what I should have done. I watched them walk away around the curb. Maybe 2 minutes later I got off the car and started following their footsteps and I reached the triangle where I could see far in the direction they took, but I couldn't see them. 

I couldn't see where they were. 

And I felt really bad. I can't explain it but I knew I should have reached out when I had the chance. I felt bad that I cried. It was so frustrating yet I knew it was my fault.

I hesitated. 

I went out of the house a few times in the next 10 minutes, hoping they'll come back this way. But they didn't. 

I ended up praying in my room, offered a small prayer that they be safe and be given food and water. And I asked for forgiveness because I hesitated. 



Anne said...

Hi Rosey, I decided to visit your site again this morning and I am so glad you have tons of new entries, it's been a while girl the last time I went to your site was in 2011. Anyway I just want to drop you a short message and say hi. Take care always!

... beachfreak said...

Anne! good to see you still blogging too! :) Wala na masyado drama sa buhay natin ngayon Hehe.

Take care!