Sunday, October 23, 2005

Beach Me.

I lie in wet sand. Eyes closed.

I feel the sea caressing my ankles as they bow to the tide… slowly, almost sensuously... and I fantasize... and I begin to wish on the last star I see to let the night stay.

I feel the last surge of the cold water embrace me... I feel the tiny hairs on my shoulders, my arms and on my bare belly stand on end...

I hear myself moan. A throaty, cat-like purr escapes my salty lips. And I fantasize with no end in sight.
A whiff passes my nostrils... of orchids and mint... my back arches from the beautiful scent and I struggle to gain control... I breathe deeper... languid breaths relax what remains of my tingling soul.

I lie in still wet sand. I open my eyes.

The sun is peeking. I can see its rays trying to reach me.

Ah. Daylight.

I try to move away. Inch by inch. My mind flashes with images of refuge. But I still lie.

It is a losing battle, I know. Foolish of me to ponder that I can run away from the laws of nature.

So I succumb to the light. I give in to the heat.

I do not dare move now. I feel the anguish in its glare. I do not close my eyes.

And I take it all in.
Until I burn with the twisted pleasure. Until I glow with the fantasy... and languish in what may not be.


mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

nice imagery, aptly conveying the emotions that urgently need to be expressed.

as if I were a small crab in the sand, witnessing the interplay of nature and (wo)man.

quite a satifying peice. :D

Quentin said...

hmm. is this some sort of a subconscious imagery brought about by repeated frustrations with an emotional attachment to an object, i.e. a person, and coming out as a vivid interlude about by a mixture of a common hydrogen compound with a silicon-based solid? :}

tee hee, hope yer taking it easy :}

me want that mp3 !!


Quentin said...

hah! missed a word. servers me right. hrmpf :@

... beachfreak said...

@ahia mell: Yes, the feeling is unexpressed. Thanks, kuya =) Kisses to Colin!

@quentino: Hehe. Your such a character! I just sent you the email, and I attached both versions for your hearing pleasure ;)

... beachfreak said...

hello, blogger... something wrong withv the post count... grrr.

... beachfreak said...

Pakshet. That should've been 'You're such a character!'


eventuallypretty said...

hay still as grammar oc as me. :)

hope youre doing better rose. i would like to say "Just forget him." but being in the same sitch as you are before i know it is easier said than done.

you are strong. you'll survive. lots of courage sis. :)

... beachfreak said...

@patty: hey, thanks. Oh, I'm getting by. I'm trying to stop and just say no, but mahirap nga. I'm trying, I really am.

I'm just thinking, if he really wants me, he should've done something by now.

Ugh. As my friend said it's a lost cause. And he is. I've long realized that I'm not the kind of girl he'll go after. Oh well.

Okay, nobela na ito. Dapat gumawa na lang ako ng bagong entry.

Hehe. Abangan ang susunod na melancholic entry. ;)

barenaked said...

wow! galeng! i love the play of words. way to go, rose! :D

pabasa mo kaya kay "twisted sunshine" yan at ng matauhan s'ya, hehe! :P

... beachfreak said...

@jill: You think I should? Hehe. Nabasa na niya 'to, sigurado ako. BUT as usual, and I'm sure, hindi niya gets na siya yung tinutukoy ko.


Or ako yung t@ng@.


kakeru said...

hey rosey... as always hug kita... it's ok. when you get 17th guy's name, full mode ang stalker effect natin! hahahaha! we're on the same floor! i miss you roseypoo.. he's not worth it.

galing tlga magsulat.. parang si.. _ _ _. hehehe =p

... beachfreak said...

@kerry: Haha! Nakasabay ko siya magyosi ng 9am nung Thursday and Friday morning! I was trying to read his name sa ID nya but it's too small for my malabong eyes. Pak talaga. Nenny's trying to get his name din. Hehe.

Gusto ko nang dakmain eh, kaya lang baka mademanda ako. Hihi.

Miss ko na kayo ni Louie. Nitro forever. (yuck, ang baduy... pero totoo...)

... beachfreak said...

Shoot, Kerry, may bago siyang entry - si _ _ _. Haha! Dali, leave tayo ng comment. Haha!