Friday, March 10, 2006

Tagged. Part II.

So I was tagged by j a and anne. Geez, took me a long time to actually do it.


TEN men you find sexy:

* Harrison Ford
* Eric Cruz (oh my gawd...)
* Joseph Laping (putcha... garapalan na 'to - haha!)
* Phil Abenoja *himatay* (haha! Talagang nilagay yung pangalan niya! Kerry, alam kong tumatawa ka ngayon!)
* Will Smith
* George Clooney
* Eric Bana
* Orlando Bloom (i'ma make him wear those elven ears and his blonde wig... damn. ulam na ulam... ang sarap siguro nun. *peste*)
* John Hall
* and this other guy who shall forever be nameless...

NINE people you would invite to a special party:

* Jason Mraz
* Alicia Keys
* Bono
* Professor Dumbledore
* Fred and George Weasly
* Pol Medina Jr.
* F. Sionil Jose
* Jessica Zafra

EIGHT sure fire ways to get your attention (positive and negative):

* kids and babies
* puppies and kittens
* good writing
* a meaningful *ahem* smile
* good grooves
* good music
* nice broad shoulders
* witty remarks

SEVEN pet peeves

* liars
* boys who pretend they have turned into men
* toothaches
* egotistic people who can't handle flattery well
* people who are childish (not child-like ah, there's a difference...)
* user-friendly people
* overbearing and overconfident attitude
* having my monthly ovulation when I'm at the beach or when I want some (yun ang bad trip sobra...)

SIX women you look up to

* my Mom
* my Lola Necy
* Che Che Lazaro
* Sister Nicole, spc
* my atsi
* Susan Sarandon

FIVE random things about you

* pug-wanter
* cook-er
* wavecatcher
* all-nighter
* groove-maker

FOUR most romantic songs (music)

* I Didnt Know I Was Looking... by EBTG
* Baby Can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman
* Now That I've Found You by Allison Krauss
* The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Bublé

THREE places you want to take a vacation in

* Brazil
* Italy
* The Carribean

TWO turn ons

* intellectually-stimulating yet funny
* good with his hands

ONE unforgettable moment

* Aw, hell. The night before my daddy passed away. Yun.

Hmm. Am i tagging anyone? Has to be 5, eh?