Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I started Audioscrobbling a year ago. Discovered it while I was going through a thread in ipodlounge.com and they were talking about this great plug-in for iTunes which then creates charts for you: top overall artist, top weekly tracks, top artists, top albums, and so on and so forth. They then compared playlists and new artists: who listened to what and what songs to watch out for.

Music junkie that I am, I immediately launched a new browser, typed in the then-URL and I was hooked.

I discovered The Trash Can Sinatras who dish out this rock/alternative/new wave kind of music. They remind me of The Smiths. I love Hayfever and Only Tongue Can Tell. Ahlaykem!

Pretty cool, yes?

I get a few private messages now and then regarding the music I listen to, where I get my music and all that. People then started adding me up, sharing their music - which was fantastic! And now some PEx people are in on the fun even. Astig.

The coolest thing is this: they are currently experiencing this sort of lag in the uploading of the charts because of server changes, and because of this, they upgraded some, ahem, lucky members to subscriber status!

"The new profile system should be in place within 2 weeks - unfortunately, meanwhile you may continue to experience slow chart-updates. We're really sorry about this, it does suck mightily. All your scrobbling is being logged though, so your charts will return in all their glory once we're over this hurdle.

To sweeten the deal we're upgrading your account with a free 1 month subscription. (or extending it if you already subscribe). Along with the usual subscriber perks, you'll have access to the beta test of the new site update (in early June). This will give you a chance to try out the new charts system before everyone else, and tell us what you think before it's launched.

The Last.fm Team"

Never mind if it's just a month?! Really. And beta-testing?! Astig 'to.

C'mon. Join the fun and add me up.

Take a tour now.