Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of Popcorn and Men In Tights.

Watched Superman Returns this morning.

Yep, you read that right: THIS MORNING. 8:30 am to be exact. Haha.

The office sponsored a Movie Day and for Site PBCom: it was SUPERMAN RETURNS in Greenbelt 3.

With popcorn and drinks.


Talk about pre-premiere showing. And I didn't have to pay. Hah.


aajao said...

wow. i hope our office sponsors the same kind of treat. geez... i wish. hmm... kahit yung next Harry Potter movie na lang. :p

Quentin said...

damn your companyyyyyyyy, daaaammmnnnnnnnnnnn youuuuuuu

*brings out voodoo dolls*

... beachfreak said...

@aajao: Oo nga! hehe. Hey, I was in our Libis office earlier for training. Hindi na kita tinext kasi I had to go home immediately kasi I had a slight fever. next time =)

@Quentino: Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahaha!

mitch said...

wow, nice treat! :) sana kami din. hehe.

so, how's the movie?

... beachfreak said...

@mitch: It was not bad, but it wasn't a really 'wow' film.

But hey, it's Superman. And he's hella hot. =)