Sunday, September 19, 2004

Back from Galera.....

It was a great weekend with friends in Puerto Galera. I've been to Galera before but usually with officemates or with relatives. This time I went to White Beach with some of my closest friends. Then, the next thing we knew we were a group of close to 30! A good thing was that I didn't have to pay for a drink, it was puro libre. Mapadaan ka sa isang table ng katabi mong room, sigurado may shot ka na agad ng Mindoro Sling! RAAAAAAAAAKKK!

Say was totally wasted (a first). When she woke Sunday morning, she turned to me and said 'I have a headache." I replied 'That's what you call a hangover.' Hehehehe! Mayette admitted that she was almost drunk, she opted to sleep it off (also a first, she never gets drunk nowadays). Mayette also brought her new skimboard but a friend accidentally broke it (Note to Mayette: have one made from fiberglass!). Mishee (you birthday girl, you!) and Tricia were both wasted. Carla, as usual was dramatic, but hopefully happy during Saturday night. Bianca and I, after Mayette decided to call it a night, remained the only 2 girls sober. We just danced na lang. Fats, pala, was also sober. Marco S. kept on buying drinks and pulutan because it was his birthday (Sept 19 naman, Mishee was born Sept 17). Luis, Bryan, Alvin and the others (Marco C. and Miguel, Shabba, Ryan) were keeping their eyes on all of the girls, making sure we were complete and safe (naks, mga bodyguards!).

Some members of the men's basketball varsity (CSB) were also there, some of my ex-officemates, and then some common friends back from high school or from someone's neighborhood. We also met new friends in Galera and we hope see them here in Manila. It was a blast that we wanted to extend our stay until Monday (tomorrow) but most of us had to work and we really didn't want to lose money na pang-Galera din sa susunod. Sarap. An absolutely great weekend.

It was all good.