Sunday, September 26, 2004

No money but happy.

Who would ever thought that I could go out on a Saturday night, with only Php 300? I mean, sa totoo lang, if you go out nowadays, you'll spend around Php 500-1000. May inumin, pulutan, gas, at parking. Kailangan tiba-tiba ka kung aalis ka talaga. But lo and behold, when I met Mayette and Tricia at Sheila's party in Astoria, we found out that we were somewhat broke: Tricia had only Php5 in her bag, Mayette had Php20, and I had Php300. We were going to meet some friends later in the evening so we were discussing pano kami makakaraos sa gabing yun. Funny talaga. Anyway, we had to take Tricia home by 1am because she was going to attend a baptismal early Sunday morning, so our money decreased by 5 bucks. By 1:30am we were at Tiananmen in Makati Ave. We met Say, Norman, Maebelle, and Alvin. We weren't able to sit in the smoking section because it was consumable (Php1000... but with red wine... hooookay). We knew the others had money but we just settled dun sa non-smoking as Alvin and Maebs finished their 'modest' dumpling dinner.

Hahahha! Katawa talaga. We had to go down sa parking para lang makapag-yosi. While we were there, Bryan and Marco C. stopped by and nagyaya sa Dusk since Luigi was already there. So we said na wala talaga kaming pera pero what the hell, mag-tutubig na lang kame. Since I had more money than Mayette, I offered to pay for her parking which was Php 40. 8( So we were left with Php280. Haha! Bilang an bilang ba?! Ganyan talaga pag-gipit ka!

Anyway, off to Dusk. It was a sort-of-reggae-and-hip-hop-night, which was fine with me, since hip-hop is my second love (cheerleading, is my first). It really makes me groove. (I'm not really into trance, techno, or any of those...well, minsan pag maganda yung beat) Anyway, we asked for water. Then Bryan offered to buy us drinks, we declined but then opted to just get a Sprite. :D Luigi, who just came from Tagaytay, para mag-casino, bought us beer, because he won daw pero konti lang. So ligtas na naman. Hahaha! We just spent the next 2 and half hours standing and dancing (if you've been to Dusk, you know what I mean). Sarap! We didn't notice na 4:30am na sa sobrang saya. When we found out na malapit ng mag-5am, we decided to go home na because most of the girls had cars. While going home, Mayette and I were talking about how we missed night-outs like just the one we had. Yung tipong hindi mo namamalayan yung oras because you were having so much fun. No pressures, no hassles.


Oops. Forgot. So we had to pay for parking again, which was Phph10, then we had to get gas for Php90, since Taguig pa nakatira si Mayette and she was taking me home. So that's Phph180 left! Whew! Panalo pa rin! :D

Now if I could make Phph180 last until my next payday.....


kat said...

Hello Rose!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Kat here!

Quentin said...

hewow, just thought of bookmarking your bloggy. i'm kinda lazy trying to update the links (but not lazy to put my pics o_O ick)

theofficeboy said...

try bringing food at the office, like those sandwiches you bring before.. remember to bring extra for your matakaw seatmate :D

tc rosey posey!

jeff gonzales said...

ha ha ha, if ever you decide to be a finance officer, give me a call

... beachfreak said...

@ get ready for life! > I tried to view your profile but i can't access it. Paano kita tatawagan if i do want to be finance officer?! :P