Sunday, January 02, 2005 in peace.

Boko, Tops, Sher, and Selwyn (at the back)

Around 915am today, I received a text message from an ex-officemate and the message read that Jeff aka Boko has passed away. I was surprised. I didn't know of any ailment or illness that he has. As far as I knew he was healthy, and the last time we chatted he seemed fine. So I texted if she was sure and if it was, how it happened. She replied, he was shot. On the 'floor.' In the head.

A friend said that he fell on my old workstation. He was in a coma since yesterday afternoon, and now, has let go.

I felt the tears in my eyes when the full weight of the realization hit me. He wasn't necessarily my favorite person in the old office but he endeared himself to me because he was open with his life and opinions, he was smart and intelligent, he knew how to make fun of himself, he was always helpful with troubleshooting steps, he was a whiz kid who always loved to share his mind. Boko was a fellow Indian (our batch in the office), a fellow MSN-Direct A-shift teammate, a breakfast buffet enthusiast, a companion when I needed one, and our team's personal sex guru who would candidly answer our questions and would bravely contest our theories and beliefs.

I was reading through his blog,, and it had only one entry. It was full of sadness and hopelessness.

My eyes are heavy, knowing that I wouldn't be able to chat with him, not seeing him go online forever with his trademark nicks and icons. My heart is heavier that he had to depart in such a gruesome and painful manner. He will be missed, so much.

I offer my sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones. I truly am sorry for what has happened. I know how it feels to lose someone so dear, but I know that your pain is greater. Have faith that his wish of being with his mom has come through. He is at peace.


normi said...
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normi said...

friend mo pala siya.. indeed it was a very sad moment.. bakit ba kasi may mga taong talagang bayolente at hindi nalang daanin sa maayos na paraan.. kelangan ba talagang kumitil ng buhay? my sincerest condolences..

Pussy Lover said...

I know how it feels and it really sucks. Sigh. Hang in there girl. May this experience be a reminder of life's brevity, and all the more, push us to be more sensitive individuals esp to those we rub elbows with at the workplace.

Here's to better days sweetie.

Anonymous said...

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