Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why on a Monday?

This was a really bad day. Sobrang frustrating. I had to see 2 friends cry because they were withdrawn from being QA's and then placing them back as agents. Imagine, being in a room full of your colleagues, and then your boss announces that some of you will have to go back on the floor to take calls. Pure tension and anxiety. He produces a piece of paper, and then says kung sino yung mga tatawagin niya pwede ng bumalik sa work nila and then the rest na maiiwan sa conference room, sila yung matatanggal. My name was the 3rd to be called. And when I heard it, hindi pako nakatayo agad. I had mixed emotions of relief and apprehension. Relief that I was being retained at my current position; apprehension because I wanted my whole team to be with me when I left the room.

I was sort of spaced-out (again) while waiting for my teammates to come out of the room. I went to the elevators to wait. When I saw Krissy crying, I knew already. Gracey and Karen's name were not called. I had to cry then and there. I just hugged Kris because I knew that she got scared and that we felt so lonely kasi nabawasan kami ng 2. When we got to the 14th floor, no one worked. I couldn't think straight myself. There was a ton of work to be done pero walang gumagalaw samin. We sort of dilly-dallied. I went to the lateral lockers to get something from my bag when I saw Grace come out of the elevator and she was crying. I ran to her and I just hugged her and cried with her. She kept on saying, 'Ma-miss ko kayo.' Nasaktan ako para sa kanya. I walked her to her station and everybody just started crying. She wasn't leaving us really because dun pa rin siya sa program pero agent nga lang. Pero kahit na. Sobrang na-demoralize kaming lahat with what happened to her. It was unfair. Karen naman, she just walked straight to her station, gathered up her things and then started clearing her table. We were just looking at her, not knowing what to say. She has just been with us for barely 3 weeks but she immediately blended right in. And now... I thought she was just going to leave us staring at her, but when she turned to me to say good-bye and for a beso, I knew she was hurting just as much as we were. All I could say was, 'I'm sorry.' Then she cried. Everybody started crying na naman. All of us were just hurt and bewildered with what has happened that 2pm.

It was just too much for me. I'm a very emotional person, and I guess I'm too sensitive; but nobody, nobody deserves to be treated that way. By 6pm, everybody was tired. Kitang-kita mo na sobrang naapektuhan kaming lahat sa nangyari na yun.

I was feeling extra bad pa because I'm confused with what I have gotten myself into. No, it's not about work. Just one those things that you have to got to go through. Hindi ko alam kung ako yung mali or I did or said something wrong. Bad trip na nga ko, mas lalo pakong na bad trip. Just when I thought everything was just smooth sailing. Punyeta.

I hate Mondays.


sachiko said...

Do you mean being back as agents means demotion? The boss must have his reasons for doing that,I hope you are in a good company with good people.

cheer up!

Pong said...

ang sad naman nun... kung ako yun, ngangawa ako...

... beachfreak said...

@sachiko: yes, but only sa position but their salary will remain the same, and plus, they will get commissions. but still the thought of them being QA's already and then placing them back on the floor to take calls...hay. i still think though that the company has good reasons for doing that but makes you wonder, right?

@~reich~: ako rin noh!