Friday, July 08, 2005

Desperately Wanting.

Haaaaaaa! I found his blog. Pakshet. Thanks, Kerry. It's actually devoid of any pictures, design or tools, just entries.

Actually the surprise was that he has one, but now that I've thought of it, why not? I like the way he writes. And it's wonderful that he relates so much about himself without ever really revealing anything.

Talk about intellectually-stimulating. *grrrrrrrrrowl*

Fuck. I've been owned.

My friends know that I've this thing for cute men with glasses. Well, not really geeky but men who actually look and are smart. Not just some wannabe geek.

He was this guy in the office that I've been eyeing: tall, nice fair skin, broad shoulders, wavy hair, beautiful eyes with long lashes behind the glasses. Never noticed him before until that one time in March in the pantry when I was having merienda with Lucio and he came in for a drink. I think Lucio noticed that I was looking too hard at the guy that he called him by his first name and made small talk.

I thought to myself, 'Shit. Yari.'

By the time we were back in our work stations, Louie said that he'd set me up with the guy. Uh, yeah. So ever since that time when the guy would walk past the QA station Louie would call him: 'Hey, ----. You've met Rose, right? Rose! Rose!?' I'd never rise from my chair and risk being seen with this deep red flush on my cheeks as if I've downed too many rhum cokes. A few times, I'd see him in the yosihan, but I'd be too shy to say hi, so I'd just smile (sometimes to myself, hehe) and keep my distance. One time I was alone in the 14th floor, I was going through our lateral when I saw him with his teammates, and with a new haircut. Smiled at each other as he passed me by. Hella thought I was gonna faint.

Hayup ka talaga, Louie. Animal.

Kerry and Fats joined the bandwagon. We were in the batcave when they called his office to request something. Bigla ko na lang narinig, 'Uy ----, sabi ni Rose 'Hi.'

I was like, 'The hell?!' Kerry (mahal kita pero hinayupak ka talaga, haha) couldn't stop laughing. He was laughing, too. Then he said, 'Pakisabi 'Hi' rin sa kanya.'

Hokay. *dazed mode: ON*

Ampotah. Kaya ayokong kinikilig ako eh. Ack.

For the first time in my life, I'm diffident. Yikes. What is happening to me? I've always been aggressive but I'm apprehensive at the moment.

Putcha, maybe Raffy is right: I am losing my touch. Haha.

Gademit, Rose. Umayos ka.

And hell no! I won't put his link here lest I be discovered and... and... hmm... yun nga... discovered.

Grr. Anoooooobaaaaaaaaaa?!


Quentin said...

Hah! Someday, us geeks will rule the werld!

0_0 \m/

... beachfreak said...

@quentino: :lol: I missed you, quentino. How's patty?

Oh well. Geeks, gotta love 'em.

kakeru said...

hahahaha! at isa pang hahahaha! ÜÜÜ

aajao said...

hahaha... rose. i can see how you react while writing your entry. that excited, huh?

... beachfreak said...

@kakeru Kerry! Waaaaaaaah! Hindi ko kinaya! :lol:

@aajao: Was it really obvious?! Hehe. =)

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

:) good to see you in a good mood living life.

... beachfreak said...

@kuya mell: Yeah, life is getting better for me. I'm wiser now and I'm happy with the way things are going in my life. Thanks ahia!

krissy said...

omygawd! is that ***********??? omg!! haha.. i know i'll always find something interesting when i drop by here :D i think i know about the batcave thing but not the blog thing. way to go rosey! can't wait to see ya tomorrow! JM tayo!! haha :D

... beachfreak said...

@krissy: Uy, sino yun? Parang ang haba nung guess mo? :lol: And yes, he has a blog *kilig* but hindi updated. But it's all good.

See you later, krissy! I'm on straight shit, este shift. :glee: Mwah!

Quentin said...

oh, patty misses me too. i miss her too. i miss the two chelos. i miss da boys. i miss everybody.

i watched Legend of the Falls last night in HBO I think. back then i considered it as my favorite man movie. lots of manly hugging here and there, and battlescenes. don't forget the battlescenes (those bring tears to my eyes)

later on, i find it disturbing that it is more like a swooning movie for women because Brad Pitt is there riding horses, shagging chics while sporting a healthy mane
of hair.

at least good ol' Anthony Hopkins is there.

lei said...

heehee kilig kilig. cute. :)

... beachfreak said...

@quentino: 'Legends of the Fall,' eh?

Hmm. Better watch it meself. *grin*

@lei: =) Haha. I haven't seen him this week. Shoot.

I miss him.


eventuallypretty said...

twinnie mind sharing me the link? ;)

ei hung out with the rock last mon. maybe we can get together sometime. ikaw na lang di ko name-meet. hehe.

quentin: na miss mo ko? wow. *hikbi* magdrama ba tayo dito sa blog ni rose? *lol*

Quentin said...

oo nga e. pasinga nga sa t-shirt mo


... beachfreak said...

@patty: sige, bigay ko sayo yung link :) do you still live in Manda? text me, but I'm on the night shift. But, madali na yun. Hehe.

Quentin said...

yuck, mag-e-eb sila, yuck yuck

eventuallypretty said...

yep still live there. yang si quentino pakalat kalat lang din yan sa rotonda. meet tayo sa may RJ bulalohan hehehehe...

Quentin said...

i'm currently living in a cardboard box right next to the new Lavandera branch just beside it :}

barenaked said...

hehe! talk about intellectually stimulating guys...nabiktima na rin ako ng isang blogger na fave ko, lol!

as in i just started reading his blog jan. of this year lang pero syet, ginagalugad ko talaga archives way back 2003. beat that? hehe! :P

nweiz, goodluck sa prospect mo, hehe! ;)

... beachfreak said...

@patty: Hey, that we could. Sa R & J na lang... mura na, may videoke pa. Hahaha!

@quentino: Good, then. EB na. Haha!

@barenaked aka jill: Hahaha! Ginagalugad! Hanep ka talaga. I learned a new word today =) Hehe.

normi said...

bwahaha! natawa ako sa post mo.

anak ng kamote mommy rose, ikaw titiklop sa ganyan?? owkamoooooooooooon! *grins*

... beachfreak said...

@normi sweetie: Mwahaha! Akalain mo bang magkakaganire ang nanay mo?! Putik. Hay. Miss you, Normi...