Friday, June 05, 2009


I should've posted this entry a week ago - but I forgot. Hehe.


It has been raining in Manila for the past 2 or 3 days. The wind was strong, especially last night - our Balete tree fell. Can you imagine a Balete tree falling? Well, it wasn't that big but still. I'm glad the Langka tree is staying strong. Good for her =)

When I was in my grade school days, I'd be real happy when it rains because it means no classes! I wouldn't have to think up of an excuse not to go to school. Hahah! But I also remember my dad saying the rain also brings good luck - whenever we had a birthday in the family it would always rain and that's what he would say to us - swerte.

When I entered college and started to date seriously and have these tragic relationships I'd associate the downpour with the tears I have shed and have yet to shed. Ang cheesy! haha! But it would prompt me to put on sad music and think about my failures. Ka-dramahan talaga.

It's different now. When it rains I feel like grabbing a good book, situate myself on a cozy sofa and read the while away. I'd get a fleece blanket and a squishy pillow so if I fall asleep on the sofa I'd still be comfortable. Sometimes I'd go to my parent's room and look at old photos and reminisce about my childhood. I'd look at pictures and tell myself how lucky I was to have a great family. I'd look at the family trips to the beaches, Baguio, Hong Kong and feel good about myself and how I was brought up.

The downpour does bring memories but let it not bring sad memories.

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