Sunday, November 28, 2004


I changed my tag board last night because I wanted the tagboard to contain the link to the blog of the person who leaves a message. So I deleted the code in my template and placed a new one which I liked. Simple.

When I checked just this morning ------holy fuck! ------ my hit counter was gone! Grrrr. Aw, man. And I had 540 hits already! Argh.

So now, I have a new counter.

Lesson learned. Ugh.

Anyway, will be going to Alabang for Flip and Dino's bday inuman and pakain. Wow, can't wait to see little Joaquin again. Better ease up on the perfume if I want to carry him. Kulitan na naman to. Alvin also texted that we will be watching Alexander, last full show daw. Okay. Buong araw na naman akong wala rito sa bahay. Oh well.

Was in Greenhills earlier with my sister and I bought some things. Useless things, I may add. Grr. I was really looking for an 'Ocean's Eleven' dvd but wala akong mahanap. I'd really like to watch it because 'Ocean's Twelve' will be released this december. And it's on my must-watch list. Sabi siguro ni Lord, original na lang bilhin ko. Hehehe.

O siya. Makaalis na nga.

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mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

Quote a funny post, the same happened to me before! Deleting my sitementer that is... :D