Thursday, December 02, 2004

What to do.

Funny talaga. I was somehow prepared that I would be going to work tonight even if there is a typhoon. So is the work ethic of a call center employee. Hahahaha! When I transferred to this new job of mine, I brought with me all knowledge, know-how, and ethics that I have learned from my previous job. And I was ready. I've been to work on Christmas eve, on Christmas day, on New Year's eve, on New Year itself, Holy Week, etc. Have been so accustomed to 'no Holidays' that when I received TL Kit's text that we don't have to report for work, I found myself thinking of what to do.

Melo, an officemate of mine, texted me, 'Rosy, sarap mgsnuggy-woogy wd honey ngyn, malamig. hehe.' Hayup talaga yun. Ininggit pa ako.

Hay naku.

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kat said...

Nothing worse thatn having someone make you jealous by shoving pda in your face, albeit unintentional, maybe. Hehehe. Gad, the horrors of being in a callcenter. Holidays on regular days and a race to get holiday offs. Yeesh. Why are we here again?