Sunday, November 13, 2005

Group Hug.

Group Hug!

Yahoo! and MSN Messenger are going to be working together!

I cannot wait for this one.

I'm an MSN groupie, I must admit for the 2nd time in my blog. I wasn't really using my YM up until a good 2 years ago when friends noted I never went online through YM, and if I was I'd just be online for an hour then log-off. I had to explain I was working as a rep for an MSN account and I had to be very familiar with MSN Messenger so I could handle technical calls concerning the damn thing. AND since it was MSN-IATS, MSN Messenger was the only chatware we were allowed to install in our PC. MSN Messenger just grew on me.

Now I use MSN and Windows Messenger and YM.

Hay. Wala lang. Natuwa lang ako sobra. Hehe.

Will post something worthwhile soon... maybe later...