Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ranting away...

It's 11:30 pm and I just arrived in the office.

And I'm... I don't know... tired.

Tired and frustrated.

Yeah, my ass is too lazy to do any kind of work. I haven't read any of my emails or opened any of my rating templates.

Shit. I just want to file a month-long vacation and leave this gudamn place.

Let me tell you why the fuck I'm ranting away:

1. The program which I've been in since I started here has been reduced to 30 reps. To think Nitro was the biggest program (in SBU) then with almost 300 agents. We were around, oh, 12-14 QAs then. And now Nitro OB has one. Nitro IB has me. My other team mates have been displaced to other BUs (business units). I've been missing them ever since.

2. Kit is resigning to help out in their family business. I know, I know. I'm not mad at her. Kit has been very patient with me, very understanding of my bitchy ways. Sobrang bait. I'm just feeling a little apprehensive because I'll be under a new team, a new team leader. I'll be starting all over. She's been turning over some papers and responsibilities to my soon-to-be TL, Chiqui, who I know to be very responsible and smart. I'm just... I have no idea what I feel. I don't like change too much... pathetic? I know, I thrive under pressure but change, I don't like.

3. Yesterday, everybody was excited because it was payday. I was, too. Anyway, on my way home, I passed by iBank to check on my account... and was I surprised? The hell, I was. I only received half of what I usually get! Puta talaga! Gusto ko talagang umiyak. And to think wala akong absence, wala akong late, because I've been working really hard for my promotion. Where is my night diff? Where is my transpo allowance?! Tangina. Putangina. Huwag nilang ipagmalaki sa akin na we are in the best company to work for... tigilan nila ako. Ayusin nila sweldo ko. Hayup talaga. Give me the fuckin' quarterly survey, please. I'm giving them a call later on in the morning. Umayos sila ah.


Now, I'm just browsing, and it's almost an hour into my shift. Nakakawalang-gana magtrabaho. Pumasok ka ng tama, hindi ka naman binayaran ng tama.

This has got to be a milestone if I get through this day without biting someone's head off.

******Update on Rant #3: It's already 2:14 pm and I just got home some 30 mins ago fixing my salary issue...

I was able to speak with Joycie from our Comp and Ben dept. There were discrepancies in my uploaded schedule (in the attendance software we use) and so - the deductions. She was very helpful and kind enough to listen to me rant away. She responded appropriately and in a timely manner. I really didn't appreciate the long hold time when she was checking something out, but I understand that she better had answers when she came back on the phone. She viewed her record of my payslip which said I had 7 absences *himatay* when in fact I had none and just had 2 VLs. She was genuinely baffled. She asked me to file some online form and send to her another form in hard copy so she would handle the case herself.

The TL of the Comp and Ben team, Ms. Joyce, was also in CC2 and I was able to speak with her as well. She really didn't say/explain anything which I haven't heard from Joyie. But she was very helpful and answered all of my questions. She even went out of her way to check my uploaded schedule in the software for the next payday, making sure my time-in and time-out were in the correct places.

Now, all I have to do is wait for the pay-out. I have bills to pay, y'know.

Whew. Whatta day.

Harry Potter, please save my day.


Anonymous said...

that's why i'm always an hour late, because i don't like my job and boss. let her wait, dammit. i do better work than her. for a fraction of what they pay her. :(

oh, i don't like changes too.

hope your day gets better.

- cupcakefiend

aajao said...

lam mo ba? yung post mo ay lalo lang nagpatibay sa isipan ko na ang LABOR DEPARTMENT sa bansa natin ay INUTIL!

maraming employers dito ang ganyan mag trato sa mga empleyado. kawawa naman tayo. pag nangyari yung ganyan, wala namang matakbuhan na kung sinong pwedeng tumulong sa yo. tsk, tsk..

... beachfreak said...

@cupcake: Haha. For my part, I like my boss and I'm really gonna miss her, and the work, well, I like the work and the pressure. But I expect HR and Payroll to get everything right so I get what I deserve. And what I have in my account is not the amount I rightfully deserve.

As an update: I've talked with Payroll and I've filed the necessart paperworks to get the rest of my salary.

@aajao: I created hell in the office. Everybody in my department knew what happened to my salary. Everybody was ranting like I was.

Deretso ako kaagad sa mga bossing ng Compensation and Benefits Department. It was all good. God forbid it happens again though.

Quentin said...

i guess i could count this among my blessings. never have i complained about my pay for the whole 5+ years i'm here. you could also count the fact that i've never really participated in the rat race.

i've heard a project mate (from another company) having a case even worse than yours. their salaries were handed in paper envelopes (wtf? this is IT). their software architect wasn't given his pay for 3 months! that guy was like earning almost a million every month so i could see their apprehensions >:D

still, this company had a few scum up the corporate ladder whose spending habits could make you shudder, leaving only but hard crust for the real hard workers down the food chain.

... beachfreak said...

@quentino: Never thought it could happen to me. Hay. Kainis talaga. napaka-controversial nga daw talaga ng nangyari sa akin.

Good for you, I mean this, not happening to you. And yeah, paper envelopes? wtf is is up with that?! Hehe.

ardeelee said...

hey rose,

ingat ka sa mga tina-type mo about your work sa blog mo. kasi nauuuso dito sa states, na pwede kang maalis sa trabaho pag nabasa ng corporate office ang mga sinusulat mo (rants and raves) tungkol sa trabaho.

dito sa san diego, 27 people got fired in a company, after they wrote about 'stuff' or bitched about this one girl who also works in their a sign of harrassment.

so ingat lang. they can use what you write on your blogs against you in the end, if it's office or work relation.


... beachfreak said...

ardee: Really? Whoa. Wouldn't want that to happen to me. *gulp* Hehe. Thanks, Ardee!

pie said...

hmmm.... i often rant about my workplace and my superiors too... ;)

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

just let it all out! :) but make sure that you are not too detailed in your posts... :)

... beachfreak said...

@pie: hehe. i think that's normal, lalo na when stressed or under pressure ka. but, yeah, discretion is still best.

@ahia mell: thanks for dropping by kuya! how's everything in the homefront? :)