Saturday, March 09, 2013

Japanese Lootbag!


I love pasalubongs. My sister just came for a week-long vacation from Japan and she brought home a lot of lip-smacking goodies!

I asked my sister what the Japanese characters say, and she said she didn't know. We were like, so what should we taste first, the one wrapped in green or or black? Hehe. If you have an idea what it says, can you tell me please, leave a comment. 

I wish I could save enough to travel like my sister. *sigh*


Pocky, our favorite! And Bouchard Belgian chocolates.

KitKat in Cherry Blossom and Green Tea.

More mochi!

Hmm. Dunno what it is but I tasted cinnamon. A bit hard, it's like fortune cookie bread, but quite thicker.

Royce Potato Chips covered in chocolate *which was divine.
And there was Nestle coffee too.

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