Sunday, March 03, 2013

Johnny Air Cargo and Silhouette Portrait.

So I have decided to scrapbook my life this 2013. I've spent many days making journal cards, looking at color combinations and trying to get the colors right, visiting great sites of crafty people all over the world for ideas, looking at Pinterest to check out free printables that I could use, and even getting re-acquainted with Photoshop and Picasa.

I was particulary interested in getting layers, depth, and texture, to my pages so I wondered how people were able to thinly cut paper to make it as a embellishment for their pages -

I could cut the embellishments and the words but, knowing myself, I'd do a lousy job, and it wouldn't come out as nice as the ones above. So I did my research and voila - discovered Silhouette Portrait! I read the reviews and comments from the different blogs I visit and knew that I had to have it. So on February 9, I ordered one from Amazon, and had it shipped to Johnny Air Cargo Plus's service (New Jersey address). JAC then shipped it to Manila, and I received the package last February 24.

I bought the Portrait for $179 or around Php7500. I availed of the Super Saver shipping. I only had to pay JAC the shipping fee for the New York to Manila transit which was around Php3500. Not bad, since if I would have it shipped another way I would have paid more than what I actually bought! Or if I had bought the Portrait from a local store or, it would have cost me double the price of the Portrait.

I'm pretty happy with the Portrait! I wanted to go back and do some embellishments for my past pages but I don't want to really spend time on that when I could be doing the things I have to do (aka priorities. hah!).

Here is the first cut I made -

I have also been tuning in to YouTube for Silhouette tutorials. There a lost of great videos out there.

Happy cutting!

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