Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nothing happens to me on my party.

Back in college I was known as the girl who threw the craziest birthday parties and I check attendance, too. I'm actually proud na my friends await my birthday kasi they never know kung anong mangyayari sa day na yun. For some apparent reason, something always happen in my parties, kung hindi away (oh man, may girls na nag-aaway, tas after nung party mga lalaki naman... ahahaha), may mangyayaring himala (alam nyo na yun :P). Pimp house daw ang bahay ko pag-birthday ko. I always tell them, it's the booze. Ewan ko ba.

Usually, we'd ask permission from PLDT's admin if we can use their parking as an extension of our house when I throw a party because I also get a band for music. It was across from my place, so you can just imagine the people crossing the street from my house to the lot and then back to my house. Sometimes, we'd just close the road (o di ba?!) Hehehe. I miss throwing parties like that. Pero napagod na rin siguro ako. For the past 4 years, I've just been holding small inuman get-togethers with some of my closest friends. I find it relaxing and easier to arrange. PLUS, less chance of something happening to someone. Ahahaha! I'll post more pictures later :)