Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yey! Pep girls in Galera!

You'll never know that at one time, hindi kami magkakasundo. Really. That was a really turbulent time in the squad. May mga sariling factions within the group. Trusts were broken, lies spoken, backbiting, meetings that I did not know about. Talagang bastusan na. Never thought that we all could be good friends again. I call them 'my anaks,' and they call me Mamy Rose. Funny, but true. Claudine started the Mamy thing, then eventually everyone followed suit. Now even the new members of the pep call me that. Even Raffy Bogus! Hahahaha! In a way they are truly my kids. I've seen them through their own heartaches and tears as they have seen mine; they always ask me kung okay ba yung guy na nanliligaw sa kanila or kung may umaaway sa kanila. I would take them home pag wala silang way pauwi, if they needed money for something, basta meron ako pahiramin ko sila. Even their parents know me as Mamy Rose and they trust me with their daughter. They would ask for advice sa relationships nila, sa family, sa friends... believe me lahat na ata, I've heard it. And until now, ganun pa rin. I'm not complaining, though. I love these kids to bits and would do anything to keep them safe.