Friday, October 22, 2004

Of Birthdays and Tears Part I

Taken during Mayette's birthday inuman, October 14, at Pam's house. Not planned at all, She just texted us that we had to be there and so we were. It was a Thursday night. I didn't go home, I went straight to Alvin's condo and then we waited for Maebs to pick us up. About Alvin's condo... wag na nga... I promised him I wouldn't tell on him... ahahahahaha! Anyway, the party was in full swing by the time we arrived. Soon, Raffy brought out his CDs and then dj-ed for a while. By 2am, we were all ready to go home, because almost all of us had work that morning. Matt, Shaba, Bryan, Raffy, Maebs, and I were craving for Burger Machine so we decided to swing by Jupiter for a quick bite. When we arrived and had parked our cars, Matt then said that he wanted to eat in Whistlestop. Breakfast daw. So we bought the burgers and then proceeded to Whistlestop. By the time we decided to go home it was around 5am. It was hilarious, all of us picking on poor Raffy. Andres kasi eh. Kasi naman eh. Ika nga ni Maebs, 'Honey, I want to go home na!' Hahahaha! So funny. Buti na lang nakapasok ako ng Friday :)

On a more serious note, while going to Mayette's party, Maebs was telling me her predicament about her ex-boyfriend. I won't go into details but what happened is that she has been seeing her ex for a while now. She still loves him but she doesn't know if he loves her still. They kiss and all, but where was all this leading to? A reconciliation? Or was it just a pastime for him? She said that earlier that afternoon she was studying for her board when all of a sudden she had this urge to write him a letter asking him, 'What's it gonna be?!' (That's not exactly what she said of course) All she wanted was an answer to all her questions: Do you still love me? Why are we still seeing each other? Why do keep on texting me? Why do you look for me? What are we? She said she was crying at one time while writing it. She was afraid of the answers to her questions but she needed to know. If there was nothing, then might as well stop everything and move on. And it got me thinking, why do men have this effect on women, that they lose all inhibitions and just give in? I mean, I have been prey to this I admit. Oh God, many times. But why do we fall each and every time?