Saturday, October 30, 2004


Some of the dearest men in my life: Raffy Bogus, Philip, Alvin, Bryan. Never had they left my side in times of my sadness and loneliness. They have been pillars of strength when all hope has abandoned me. I love these guys and will do anything, as long as I'm able, to be with them in any way. At any time of the day. I remember a time na halos hindi ko sila nakikita, ni sa mga birthday nila hindi ako nakakapunta. My man and I were just new then and he was sort of jealous of these guys. Syempre, the good girlfriend naman ako, hindi ako sumama sa kanila. But after a year or 2 of this, I had to break free. I had to be with my friends. So, I said to myself, as long as I have the opportunity to go out and have fun, it should be my prerogative, not anyone else.
So here I am.