Thursday, October 07, 2004

Soul sister.

Mayette and I :) We've been through a lot, this girl. I consider her one of my best friends. One of the few people who know me inside and out. Never thought we would end up as such good friends. Kakunchaba in everything. She was one of the members before na madalas kong pagalitan because she was so magaslaw and always moving out of formation. I'm not sure kung nabato ko na siya ng pom2, pero malamang. But she turned out as one of the best captains the squad has ever had (syempre, after me...ehem...ehem..). Mana-mana, ika nga :P Pag pinagsama mo kami, wala nang makakatalo samen. Pep days talaga. Oh well.

This has turned out to be a damn testimonial! Ahahaha!