Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baguio weekend.

Blogging from an internet cafe just outside of the Ina Mansion Hotel in Baguio. Still downloading SS501 videos as I type. Facebooked for a while but didn't really linger - just checked my messages.

Been here since Friday 11am. Left Manila at 5:00am. Once we were settled in my 2 nephews played their PS2 while I took a nap. we had dinner in Mamawell's Korean Restaurant and then went to SM to get groceries for our breakfast for the duration of our stay. They also wanted play online that's why we went here too last night.

Earlier we went to Camp John Hay to have lunch and browse through the merchandise in the Mile Hi center. Took lots of pictures - well, my nephews took a lot of pictures. Hehe. We also went to the Teacher's Camp Museum and had lots of pics there too. We then went back to SM to get my brother's jeans which he had fixed. While waiting for them my sister and I went to Surplus Shop and we were able to buy a few shirts and I was able to get a black coat - not as nice as the one I wanted to get but it'll keep me warm and it will go well with jeans and with business attire.

The kids went to Quantum and then after an hour we went back to Camp JH for dinner with Tito Pablo and his family (Tito Pablo is the younger brother of my mom) at Dencio's.

It has been jampacked. Haha. If it were up to me I'd rather stay in the room - but I'd miss hanging out with my pamangkins too much :p

That's all for now. Manuod pa ko ng videos... the wholesome kind =)


krissy said...

wholesome, promise? :) you're so lucky to be in baguio... just so freakin' hot here!

... beachfreak said...

hahah! oo no, wholesome :p it was really cold there - ang sarap! kaya nanibago yung katawan ko when we got back yesterday! *hug*