Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you, Randy Pausch.

I am truly sad. I didn't know that Randy Pausch has died! I had to check several articles to check if it was true - and it was. I just can't believe it. I mean, how can I not know about this?! And then I remembered the date of his death - July 25, 2008; just 3 days after my mom died.

Have you watched his Last Lecture? Do so. You're probably going to hear stuff you've heard before, I have. But he's charimastic enough you'll want to do what he has shared. I'm definitely trying. It's hard, but I'm trying my best.

A few points from his lecture I'd like to share (in no paticular order) -

1. When we make a mistake, we say sorry. But what we forget to do is rather important - how you can make things right. It shows your sincerity.
2. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
3. Material things are just material things. When he got a new car he picked up his sister's kids for a trip. His sister then lectured the kids that they should not soil the new car. Behind her back and in full view of her kids - he poured soda into the seat. This was to show that he doesn't care if they get the car dirty - it's just a car. By the end of the trip, his nephew got sick and had to barf in the car. After he told the story he said he didn't really care if his nephew barfed, but what he cared about was his nephew not feeling bad about dirtying his car because he was sick.
4. Obstacles or Brick walls are there for a reason - it let's you realize how much you want to achieve something. They are there to test your dedication.
5. If someone doesn't impress you, you just have to give them enough time.
6. Have fun. Everyday.

After watching his 10-minute (i think) lecture in Oprah, I went to YouTube and watch the whole 70-minute lecture. I loved it.

*I'd like to thank you, Mr Pausch, for teaching me again. =)

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