Monday, May 04, 2009


Before i went to sleep last night, I told myself I'd update this space as much as I can... since i have all the time now. Haha.

SO... lemme see.. Thursday, April 30 was my last official day at work. Passed my resignation the night before. The day reminded me why I hate good-byes so much. My team has taught me so much in the past 4 months. And I hope I was able to teach them a thing or two. It's hard to suddenly have your life changed by a circumstance you never thought would occur. I hated the thought I made them cry :(

Met up with Fats, Jehan, Ann - waited for Kizzy to log out and then went to Shang for dinner and coffee. I love my friends. Note: I've always wanted to leave, and the only reason I stayed after all were because of the people I worked with. Went home at around 10pm, I think. I already miss Kizzy and my team. *cries*

The next day, Labor day - prepped for the Pansol retreat with my barkada. Met Mayet at Petro C5. Villa Delicia weekend - videoke, poker, swimming, kwentos, no sleep at all. My barkada are my comfort friends - it doesn't matter how sad, depressed I am. They always manage to make me smile and make me feel loved. They are family after all.

Went home the next day and slept for 11 hours methinks. Or 13. Heck. Haha. Wooke up early had my coffee and read the newspaper. Had breakfast with my sister and Dominic. Went online for a few hours and then all of us attended the 330pm Children's Mass at San Roque :) Regeena, kept the 20 peso I bill I gave for the tithe. Hehe. *sigh* Went to McDonald's Tiendesitas for a children's party until 7:30pm. Watched the Pacquiao fight from a guy's MacBook Air in the next table. Teehee. My brother was aching for a new Adidas so we went to GB3. Shoes had to be pre-ordered. Stopped by Starbucks. Stayed for 30 minutes. Saw Jpeg with his sisters. Went home 11pm.

Slept at 4am. Woke up at 745am earlier.

ganun lang. haha. Oh oh! I want to go to Scholastic in Pasig for their Summer Sale. their 2nd for the year. Yipeee!!! More books!

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