Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Clean Up day.

So I went to the Scholastic Book Fiesta Sale yesterday at around 4pm. And I was disappointed because most of the books I wanted were not available. last time I was there I got HP books, Hardy Boys and Totally Spies, 39 clues too. I was looking forward to purchasing more HP books (boxed sets) and Narnia books and Inkheart but wala na nga daw. Oh, sadness. Hehe.

Went home after 30 minutes of just going around the place and passed by Pioneer Centre to buy my Cranberry juice and parmesan for the pasta I'll cook today.

Our house is a mess because of the installation on the laminated floor boards. I tried to clean as much as I can but I really can't do anything unless everything is finished. My sister and I thought of sorting everything into boxes - for selling, for giving away, for throwing out.

I was able to go through my mom's elephant figurines and they were extensive. Maybe 60-70 pieces my mom collected and received over the years. Our kasambahay, Ate Judith, packed them in the plastic container I bought a few weeks ago and in a basket that used to carry my dirty clothes. I also removed pictures from the miniature picture frames my mom placed all over the house. I was thinking of making a collage using the pics and then just getting nice frames for solo but 'informal' picture we can place alongside the bigger frames in the hall. I also am crushing on one of the cabinets we had in the family hall, and make it into a bookshelf for my room. I feel so bad for my books which are now contained in paper bags and some of the books stashed in the cabinet where I used to keep my shoes. Kawawa naman sila.

My study table is still in disarray. Ugh.

So many things to do.

And I have to get my nails done.


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