Sunday, December 19, 2004

A different kind of Christmas Party.

Last Sunday, we had our company Xmas party in PICC. Was fun. And the food, amazingly, was great. My crush was not at the party, or I just didn't look hard enough siguro. When we were able to talk last Friday, I wasn't able to ask him if he was there. Oh well.

Last Friday naman, we, SBU QAs, had our department Xmas party in an orphanage in Pasig, Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. 4pm. Sobrang saya and the kids were really sweet. We played games with them and then they presented 2 dance numbers. Galeng. We had such a great time that we forgot that we had to go back to the office to work. When the time came that we had to go, the kids were asking if we could sleep there or just stay a little longer. Aw, man. But we had to leave or risk having backlog. They understood that we had to go, and we said that someday we'll be back. We didn't want to promise them anything kasi baka hindi mangyari. But hopefully the SBU QAs would really go back and spend time with the kids again.

Boom, Grace and I were really taken with RJ. He was 7 or 8 years old and he was really cool. Tinuruan nya kami ng handshake niya kasi mga 'besprends' daw kami apat. Then when he would hear us swear or cuss, he would say, 'Bad yun!' and then would make us promise not to say it again. Grabe, sobrang nakakatuwa. I cannot recall all of the kids' names, but Honey, Marlon, Peter were the ones na talagang nag-stick sa sa akin. I can still remember paglabas namin ng sasakyan nag-mano agad sila saming lahat. Melo, Krissy, Kerry, Janey, and I were the first ones to arrive. And what a welcome.

It was a really memorable Christmas party, not just for the kids in the orphanage but for us grown-ups as well.

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Paolo said...


Is this the first time you visited the orphanage. Kase I regularly (saturdays if i can)go to that orphanage too. I was there just a month ago. And yung friends ko every saturday sila nandyan teaching art stuff to kids, setting up activities and sometimes organizing filed trips. I want to go there as regularly as possible pero sobrang naging busy kse eh. I love the kids there...sobrang kukulit. I played basketball with them and habulan...hahaha!

I know RJ and sobrang bibo ng batang yan!