Friday, December 17, 2004

MSN Spaces Beta

Wala lang. Try it out and get your Space. Naks, promote talaga ito. Ahahaha! It has a photo show and you can load up to 10MB of pictures. And what it does is that gives you a slideshow of your pics :D Nice!

I love MSN. Well, some of its products. I worked as a TSR before for another call center, Sykes. I was part of the MSNIA-TS Voice account. Was part of the MSN 9 Beta and MSN Direct teams. Sobrang saya nun.

I'm still an MSN groupie. Even my internet software is MSN 9! :lol: I can still pretty much fix sasser viruses and blaster worm infections, thank you very much! My favorite issue then was 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' issues or the infamous 'secured sites' issue.

I still remember getting bobthebestthebest. Ahahha! MSN Direct people, you know what I'm talking about! Or getting really irate beta MSN Direct customers because they haven't received their updates on their Fossil or Abacus or Suunto watches. Getting confused if you should reset or restore or just resend!

I miss calling the L2s and then letting them handle the issue at hand (no pun intended!) I remember Kat or another L2 saying to me that when they see an MSN Direct team member calling the L2 split, they instantly panic or kakabahan sila kasi baka escalation. Or kaya pagsagot nila, tatanungin nila agad kung L1 or Direct yung issue. Hehehehe.

Best of all, I remember the picture-takings, the excel files we finished dahil no-browsing-non-work-related-sites-because-we-have-visitors-on-the-floor night yun, the food trips, the raaaaaaakrakan, breakfast buffets (pan de manila rocks), PBJ and corned beef sandwiches, sex and freaky talks with Dr. Boko, Neopets training, fastest-finger-to-log-out races pagpatak ng 9am, group IMs in MSN Messenger kahit 100 calls ang queue, ang mahiwagang mapa ng Inay, ang kadramahan sa mga ping...

Putcha ang dami. Being part of the Beta team was a real boost for my ego because that meant I was a good performer in the account and I got to work with some of the coolest, techy-est, smartest people in MSNIA-TS voice. Kahit night shift, kahit 12mn to 9am, okay lang basta sama-sama sa 26th floor.

Miss ko na rin yung picture ni Timber wearing the butterfly costume. Bwahahahaha!

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kat said...

Even though I'm still here, I miss the good old days. Though I love the L2 people and the new friends I have now, iba pa din yung pinagsamahan natin noon. We used to sit together sa Ayala, remember? And when you moved to Direct I was so sad kasi nabawasan tayo. Hay. Most of the people have moved on to other jobs or have been promoted here, but I miss you guys. Kita kits naman tayo minsan!