Sunday, March 20, 2005

And to Boracay I will go.

Will be going to Boracay on April 7-10.

OMG. I'm going and I can't back out now. Whew. I'm going back to the original Island of Sin. Hahhaha! It'll be an all-girls beach trip: Me, Mayette, Mishee, Say, Tricia, Aira. Yikes. 5 single girls (except for Tricia, Dada Ryan, will be going to Bora as well). I'm sure it'll be a blast but past trips have been... hmm... for lack of a better word... noteworthy.

I wasn't actually going. I backed out a week ago because of a family thingie that I had to go to. My mind was set, and my money safe in the bank.

But all changed yesterday.

Mayette texted that she, along with Tricia, Say, and Abbey, were going malling and asked if I wanted to come along. Hmm. Wasn't really planning on going out. I was keen on finishing Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic & Sister' which I bought 2 weeks ago. But my 'shopping is better than sex' philosophy (of course, unless someone is good enough to change this philosophy of mine...) got the better of me, so I met them at Teriyaki Boy in Glorietta at around 7pm. After dinner, the shopping started: for the Bora trip. Argh. Again, my mind was set. I still bought some things though, and took note of others that I would come back for in the next couple of weeks. Finished shopping at around 11:00pm.

While on our way to the carpark, Mishel texted that she was with April in Pier 1, The Fort (***April, a fellow green pepper, who went to live in Australia and is back in Manila for a vacation until April 30.) We decided to drop by Pier 1 to surprise April since she had no idea that we were coming. And she was. She even cried to prove it. Hehehe.

April was one of the girls that I was really close to in the squad during my trainor days. She lived in JP Rizal and since I pass there for home, she would always hitch a ride with me. And during those 20-30 minute car ride, we'd talk about anything. She'd make kwento about her life, I'd do the same. We'd philosophize on certain topics until our nose bled. :lol: I felt really sad when she had to leave for Australia. The pep lost one of its best flyers, and she was just a few terms away from graduation!

Back to Pier 1. Ordered a rhum and coke and proceeded to listen to them discuss Bora. Picked on the sisig. Then they started to beg. Oh, geez. Here we go.

My closest friends know that to get me to say 'Yes' to something, they have to really make me lambing. And these girls were good at it. They should be, they learned from me.

And so, after showing me fluttering eyelids and 'puppy' looks, I said yes. Since I had enough money on me (because of the shopping spree), I handed Mishel the downpayment for the plane fare, ika-nga ni Mishel 'para wala ng urungan.' Shit. I thought 'My mom is going to go ballistic.' (**Update: Actually, she didn't. She even said that I needed a real vacation since I've been such a workaholic.) =)

After computing for Bora expenses and stuff, we started talking about the 'good stuff' daw: our sex-capades and love lives. We haven't been able to talk about things for a long time now since when we get together it's usually at a club where it'll be too noisy, and we'll be too busy dancing. Since we were all single again, well, except Tricia, it was great catching up on the real stories of the 'break-ups,' dating disasters and successes. It was hilarious talking about our favorite positions, expressions, ambiance, etc. Who did this better? Who did that twice? Who had the nicest skin and flawless butt? What 'buttons' to push and when to push them?

Went home at around, oh, past 3am. Right, not planning to go out pala, ah?

Oh well, it's just one of those nights. It's all g-double o-d good.

And I think and am sure, 1 or 2 of the girls were enlightened by the discussion. Hahaha.


eventuallypretty said...

sama ako sa bora! hehehe... shopping is better than sex philosophy...same philo here! hmm where do we find the person that will change our minds huh... :)

... beachfreak said...

@eventuallypretty: Tara! Puro single tayo! =) Yeah, that's my challenge to whoever will be the guy for me, make me want to be with you than spend my money on a sale. Let's see them beat that one ;)

Bryanboy said...

Heh, I love love love shopaholic. ;) Sophie's amazing.

And yep, everyone's going to Bora.

crazy eh?

love you blog.


... beachfreak said...

@bryanboy: Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your blog. YOU are THE SHOPAHOLIC! You got the right sense of style. Yeah, everyone will be in Bora. Uber crazy.

aajao said...

you ladies can host GMA 7s "3R". you look good all together. ;)

... beachfreak said...

@aajao: Will take that as a compliment =) Although, hindi ko alam kung ano yung show na yun. Hehe! Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Am I one of those enlightened ones? watch out. I'm gonna get my own soon...hahha! It's never too late.

Wers the boracay pictures? I want to see the girl to girl actions!

... beachfreak said...

@anonymous: OMG. Hahaha! I'm uploading the pics now. Am trying to think of captions for 280 pics. 8) Yeah, the lesbo action was quite something. Hihihihi!