Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just dinner.

Currently listening to AkaFellas. I love their style and their songs. Astig sobra. I miss watching them at Dish. Kailan kaya susunod...

Anyway, long weekend ito. I can't wait to beach myself. Was supposed to go to Raffy's gig last night at Rafs77 in BF South (@mpot@h, ang layo kasi eh...), but had no car and had to do overtime ng 1 hour. I missed the oysters na naman. Grr. I thought I was going to be home early, around 1:30am, but just when I was musing on what to do once I get home, I got a text from the Badboy himself (hm-hm...Raffy, 'wag na mag-react...). Asking if I was home and if I had plans. Told him I was still in the office. He texted that he was in the Makati area and was wondering if I wanted to have a really late dinner with him, his treat. I was hesitant to text back, but as if he was reading my mind, he texted as pahabol: Just dinner, that's it. Ü I had to laugh at that hirit. Said sure, picked me up at Valero after 15 minutes, then went off to meet his friends in Hap Chan/g in Makati Ave.

It has been awhile since I last ate at Hap Chan. Cousins and I would always have our 'merienda' there after going to Baclaran Church every Wednesday ng madaling araw.

Food was still very good, and the conversation, that 2am, was even better. It was just like when we first met: no hassles, no pretentions, no hang-ups. But this time, I felt nothing: no physical attraction, no urge to kiss him, no 'want' to be with him. This was good. I realized I have walked away from that. Wow.

After an hour, he asked if I wanted to drink, we could go somewhere else. As much as I wanted to 'rhum coke therapy' the confusion for the past weeks, I declined. No shit. I can almost hear my friends: Atta'girl!

Hehehe. So he took me home, played a round of billiards (which he won... malamang), yosi, coffee, kwento. He went home around 5am.

As the song goes, I remember the boy but I don't remember the feeling anymore. Ü


mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...


attagirl! :D

krissy said...

as in the bboy we know? you go girl! :) sorry had to leave early last wednesday, er thursday na yun. kaya nga i have to go home na. anyway, see ya monday!

... beachfreak said...

@ahia mell: ;) *sunbridgesofia takes a deep bow* Hehehe!

@krissy: Oh yes, the same one. Again, I take a bow. Wholesome nako ngayon...mwahahahaha! Thanks for fixing my things for me nung thursday am. :D Mwah to you mah office bitch! :D