Wednesday, March 09, 2005


1am. I've got to sleep but I can't. I have to be awake by 6am to arrive at 7:30am in our offices in Eastwood for training. I cannot absolutely wait for Thursday when I'll be back to my 11pm to 8am shift. Naman.

The reason I'm still awake is: I'm thinking. Hahaha. Palagi naman eh.

I was offered an advertising job in Singapore by my cousin's best friend. I was, err, still am contemplating on accepting it, but not as seriously as a couple of weeks ago. I don't know. I'm at a crossroads, I think.

To go or not to go.

A good friend, Lady, is actually moving there this year. At least if I do decide to accept the offer, I'll have someone to make tambay and have night-outs with.

The offer was actually made a month and a few days ago to this day. I was having dinner with my cousins and some friends when Henry, my cousin's best friend, asked me if I wanted to go to Singapore to work for/with him. At that time, it really was an opportunity which was too good to be true. I wanted to get away, and he was giving me that chance. Although I said I'll think about it, I was actually tempted to say 'Yes!' right at that moment Henry made the offer.

But I have been pondering, again, really hard for the past week and I'm just waiting for a sign. Yikes, sign daw. *gulp*

Yes, honey, a sign. Grrr. Whatever sign that may be. I don't know.

I have until the end of March to give my decision to Henry, who is a Fil-Chi who has been living in Singapore for 10 years now. He has established himself as a tycoon of sorts in The Lion City. He called me just a few minutes ago to say that if I want to, I can visit him this weekend to get a feel of the city. Hmm.

It's no easy task, weighing and taking everything into consideration. I know for a fact that 'living alone' would not pose any problems for me, my independent nature would immediately kick in, I'm sure of that. What's killing me is that I'll be living alone so far away from the people I love and want to be with.

Oh man, the thought.

I also remember Henry, finding out that I am a beach freak, injected that Singapore has a wonderful-as-heaven white sand beach:
Sentosa, which he said ''d absolutely love.' Hahaha.

Smart guy. That's the ticket: Appeal to my senses.


eventuallypretty said...

can you take me with you? hehehe...

smart girl like you will pick the right decision. good luck twin ;)

... beachfreak said...

@eventuallypretty: Thanks, twin. I'm leaning into the 'Yes, I'll go' answer right at this very moment.

Oh, I don't know. *depressed*

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...
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mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

syobe rose,

I am glad you are leaning towards the yes answer.

Here are a few questions that might help you decide:

What is the better opportunity for career growth? Your current job or the advertising job?

Being far away, does this mean that you will love your love ones any less and vice versa?

I say just try it, if you like it then good. If not, I am sure you can go back home and start where you left off.

Whats that saying, It is better to love and have lost than to have never loved at all...

In this case, it is better to try this advertising job in Singapore and learn its not for you than to wonder years later of what could have been... and thats a real tragedy...

... beachfreak said...

@mell: thanks so much for that post. I'm still thinking...