Friday, March 04, 2005

Of Straight Shifts and Teddies.

Straight shift = 18 hours in the office. Working. Just working.

12:43pm. Started work at 12mn for my Thursday shift. It's now Friday, 12:43pm. And now I'm dead tired. And I have 6 more evals to make. ARGH. My table is a mess. Papers strewn all over the desk. Pens and markers here and there. Celphone won't stop ringing and flashing. And horror of all horrors, I just got the error message that the computer is low on system resources and will need to be restarted. Aaaaano baaaaaaaaa?! I've been interrupted from work 7 7 different people...with 1 concern.

Yes, I tried to get some shut-eye in the lounge, that was around 1:50pm. But to my utter dismay, the same time I dropped myself on a vacant Laz-y boy, someone immediately started snoring. Oh, no, I meant SNOOOOOOOOORING. Gademit.

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I miss my bed. I miss my fluffy pillows. I miss my teddy bears, Fitzimmons and Kipling. I miss my cat who'll curl up beside me when I sleep. Hell, I even miss my intercom which I have to take off the hook so no one can disturb me while I fall in slumber.

6:58pm. Met up with Eric in Seattle's since he offered to take me home. By 8:00pm I was already in my room. Was so damn tired I just laid on my bed for a while without taking my Trets off. After a minute of peace and quiet, at last, I heard it: the sound of small Birkenstocks on our narra stairs, growing heavier and coming closer...and then I realized I didn't lock the freaking door. Damn.

My nephews were on me in a second. 3-year old Raymund came from behind, dived on top of me, then 7-year old Dominic dived next, pinning me to my bed like a wrestler would on tv. They were laughing and tickling me the whole time. Had tears in my eyes after pleading for them to stop. They just positioned themselves in my bed, sandwiching me. Sleep again evaded me. Oh well. And did I say I was dead tired?

Tiredness all gone.

Uber joy. Just lying in bed with my two favorite men.